Garrosh Placement Confusing for New Horde Players

Most players of World of Warcraft might not realize but Garrosh can be found in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria and even Outland. To an Alliance player this does not matter as they only see Garrosh in Pandaria in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Whereas a Horde players, especially a new one might get confused seeing Garrosh in all five major sections of WoW while they level up. In addition, since 75% of the players do not read quest text or follow the story Garrosh’s placement becomes very confusing.

garroshNew Horde players will learn of Garrosh when they enter Orgrimmar. They see that Garrosh is the war chief of the Horde. However, the players who are rolling a Troll or a Forsaken and even a Blood Elf who has moved to Silverpine Forest to level up will know of Garrosh a bit differently. They will see Garrosh treat their faction leader quite badly. In addition, when the players get to Razor Hill, they learn that Vol’Jin and Baine Bloodhoof are planning something against Garrosh.

However, nothing happens and the players move to a new zone. Around level 65, the Horde players will go to Nagrand. Once there, the players will go to the Horde city of Garadar. Garadar is the main Horde city in Nagrand. In Garadar, the players will once again meet Garrosh, but this time he will be without his armor and he will look like a normal Mag’har Orc. Garrosh in Garadar serves as the Mag’har’s military chief alongside other Mag’har Orcs.

Moving on, when the Horde players enter Borean Tundra in Northrend, they start at Warsong Hold. Once again, they will meet Garrosh there as well but this time he will be the Overlord of the Warsong Offensive and the leader of Horde forces in Northrend. At this point, the Horde players can easily think of Garrosh as the true leader of the Horde, since they always see him as the leader.

for the HordeFinally, when the players get level 90, they find out that Garrosh is a villain and the final boss of the raid known as Siege of Orgrimmar; they are bound to get confused. To them, Garrosh has done nothing since they don’t know the back-story. All they know about Garrosh is that he has been leading the Horde forces since they saw him in Nagrand. This all can be confusing to anyone who is new to the lore of World of Warcraft.

Moreover, to make this even more confusing, Garrosh will once again be seen in the next expansion of WoW, Warlords of Draenor. He will be seen as a member of the Iron Horde attacking not only the Alliance but the Horde as well. Garrosh would also return as a boss in some dungeon. There a lots of other locations and quests, that shows Garrosh in different roles, which farther confuse a new player.

Without the background story, seeing Garrosh in almost every major zone of WoW can be confusing. This makes me wonder, did Blizzard plan this to show how Garrosh rose to power and got corrupted by it or may be someone really loves Garrosh and wants to see him everywhere, who knows.


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