15 Reasons Why Gamers Should Love Rift

Rift is not a game about perfection and balance, but is rather more oriented towards the concept of adaptation and skill improvement. This might scare a gamer away from such an MMO, but I assure you it is a great game. In this post I will reveal 15 reasons why Rift is a superb MMO that every gamer should give try out at least once.


#15 User Interface

The UI is very flexible, has tons of layout options and makes it feel like a breeze when presetting your own configuration. And yes, I know it looks very similar to WoW, but don’t get stuck on mere appearances. The UI is extremely user friendly and well developed, making add-ons a commodity rather than a necessity.

#14 Awesome dungeons

Doing dungeons is an ongoing process that you never get tired of. Maybe it is the immersive group system or the ability to change your character roles, between combats, and always try new skills in the hard-core battles against epic bosses. One thing is for sure, Rift does a great job at keeping people wanting to explore dungeons as often as possible.

#13 Unorthodox questing

Though you start with an amazing storyline, by traveling from the future to prevent a devastating cataclysm that occurs in Telara’s past, the story itself starts to fade away as you play. People who enjoy lore exploration might get a cold chill, but in fact questing is not the main focus in Rifts. Even if you start doing a strain of quests you can get easily distracted by other adventures and events, which will level you so at a faster rate, thus making your previous quests obsolete. If you truly want to complete every quest in the game, there is a neat work around by using the Mentor system to diminish your stats by as much as 5 levels. It might be chaotic to follow a quest line, but Rift points the gamer in the direction of having fun and leveling up however he likes, opposed to standard questing.

#12 World events

Every now and then, Rift throws a world event at you that will reward your curiosity, upon completion, with interesting gifts. These events usually last for a few days and yield unique items or mounts that players can show off with after completing bizarre and entertaining challenges.

#11 Dimensions

We all love to have our little hero’s nest, to call home. Rift goes a step forward and offers us an actual piece of the land (personal dimension) to possess and manage, where the developers done a great job of creating a home with an imposing view.

#10 Endless exploration

Rift highly encouraged exploration through achievements and artifacts, which can lead to unlock special rewards. There is nothing more fun than to go off-road and investigate a mountain peak or steep crater that might hide out interesting or dangerous mysteries.

#9 End game content

The true journey of the game starts when you reach level 50. You have an entire new land dedicated for end game content–making you realize that reaching level 50 was just the warm up training. Rift doesn’t keep players bored and always throw new things at them to play with, to keep busy, as they progress through their adventures.

#8 Spectacular rifts

Obviously Rift introduces the concept of tears in space and time where rift events will randomly occur on the map. Rifts are very unpredictable and can surprise you every time you are in an area and minding your own business, when all of a sudden waves upon weaves of creatures reverse all over the land (in that particular area) to decimating everything in their way. When a rift event occurs you aren’t safe anywhere, not even in NPC faction camps. If Rift monster kill everyone in camps you will have to wait for the event to pass in order for your quest NPC to re-spawn, otherwise if you are up for the challenge, you can try to defend the camp in order to gain a good amount of XP, faction recognition and some other neat rewards.


#7 Immersive groups

When having to team up with someone for a rift event for example, you can activate this feature on the fly. If the game senses you are in a dangerous zone and there are other players near you, it will automatically pop up a group button on the top of your screen. Groups are very practical when leveling up in difficult situations. Being such an accessible feature, team communication is kept to a minimum between players, everyone focusing on the bigger objectives while benefiting from the opportunity of getting help from other players.

#6 Soul trees

Generally in a standard MMO you are stuck with a particular character class from beginning till the end of the game. Rift has a very neat and interactive tool called Soul Trees. You have 3 souls which you can invest in your character and which can be changed throughout the game to adapt to different combat situation. If you are an offensive mage in your group and your healer or tank is not particular great at his role, you can easily step out of the battler, change your preset roles and fill in the gap for them. This means that the class you play is very flexible and will always offer you a way to cope with various weaknesses the game mechanics will try to impose on you.

#5 Instant adventures

These events are a lot of fun and a fast way to gather experience in the company of other random players. They are worthwhile since they reward you with special items and currency and also make quite a show when a small army of players surrounds a poor mini-boss, like raging ants, and obliterate him out of existence.

#4 Amazing graphics and music

Laying your eyes on an opening rift that shatters the earth and darkens the sky is a breath taking moment. Developers put a lot of artistic touch in their work and it does show off through beautiful landscapes and detailed character features. The only drawback is that you will have to trade quality over performance, but generally the game reacts smoothly and well balanced on a normal PC. Iron Zur brings us beautiful soundtracks that merge with the mystical realms in Rifts and it does stand out next to other big names such as Tera, Startreck, Everquest II or Lineage II, represented by the same composer.

#3 Fun to level up

We all know how hard is the path of leveling up a character by doing the same old grumpy quests over-and-over again. Rift comes with a new perspective and gives the players the possibility to alternate between quests, dungeons, rift events, PVP arenas and instant adventures to level up fast and from a very early gameplay stage. This changes the monotonous and strict path of quest grinding for experience and forms it into a more flexible leveling system that is fun and keeps you active.

#2 Casual population

Rift feel a lot less crowded and usually people don’t have reasons to stick to a particular area, being constantly on the move to find new activities. Even on PVP Servers people don’t fight each other that often and most of the time they team up against opened rift events and then go on their way. It does make Rift feels more of a single-player game at times, but with so much to do you rarely notice this aspect.

#1 Extensive PVE

Rift makes the player go step by step through various difficulty tiers when it comes to PVE (Normal, Expert, Raid and Chronicle). So when you see someone with epic gear obtained from a high tier dungeon, you will know he earned it through hard work and not by pure luck from his first try.

In conclusion

Rift is unique and very entertaining giving each player the opportunity to adapt his own play style, leaving space for plenty of activities to strap on your journeys. There are many other aspects that Rift has packed under its hood, but I chose to reveal only the most important components that give this game an elegant and mundane nature.


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