League of Angels Review

League of Angels is a beautiful and artistic free-to-play turn-base MMORPG, delivered by GTArcade Studios, for everyone who enjoys browser-based games. The lore revolves around a group of Angels who protect humanity and who have been rendered powerless, when the Seal of Life was stolen and used against them. Therefore you play the role of a hero summoned by an Angel, named Nocturna, to restore the balance of power between good and evil.

load coverA fairy tale feel

Browser games have been for quite some time and are bestowed with great success, as they offer the content without the need of client download. In this respect, the game performs extremely well on all types of gaming and media platforms. The User Interface is neat, organized and very user-friendly, which make League of Angels a pleasant and relaxing game.

Considering that this game was created on a Flash platform, the visual graphic are very detailed and, together with the fairy tale background music, absorb the player into a dynamic and fluid environment. Another graphical bonus is reflected through the subtle life energy of the game, as simple little things such as butterflies roam around your hero, giving it that personal artistic touch.

They also have a very agile Customer Service, in case you encounter a bug and you always get informed of any new events and changes that happen in the game. Other than that, League of Angels is a very robust and secure online game.

loa matchesA new hero emerges

Your very first step in League of Angels is to follow Nocturna’s guidance through your initial lore-friendly tutorial. As you defeat your first foes you are able to personalize your hero by choosing a character class, such as a brave warrior or a mystical mage–together with your sex gender and character name. We can see that most in-game character models are very well executed, yet the playable characters have a standard visual template for each hero class.

A unique feature of this game is the dialogue screens, which aren’t generated as old-fashioned and boring pop-up balloons, but as nice cinematically hover scenes. Even better, we are able to see a fine and detailed art of the lore characters, which are very diverse and not just a copy-paste clone.

loa pvpThe art of combat

As we travel to our first destination, the Elf Village, we are guided to our next mini-boss battle, which will consume a bit of stamina every time we enter a combat screen. The combat behavior is automated, so your only job is to make sure you and your party members are prepared for each fight. Character attacks and casted spells are rendered automatically,, against the enemy mobs, while the Angel’s special attacks will only triggered whenever the combat-rage meter is filled. It is important that you setup your party formation efficiently in order to get the best results in general combat.

While you are in combat, you can collect the gold, dropped by the monsters, by hovering your mouse over them or by pressing the Spacebar key. Unfortunately if you manage to die in the combat you will lose all the collected gold. Battles can also be replayed, to check other possible winning/losing scenarios, or shared to your battle log.

Your party will consist of 5 NPC members, who you can recruit with Herosoul (obtained through dungeon questing), as well as a bound Angel and a Mount of your choosing. As you would expect from any browser-based game, you will unlock new features and skills each time you reach a new level or by collecting loot from special events. You are also able to improve your skills through the Astral skill tree, which will unlock every time you level up and reach a predefined milestone, as well as hero skills, which include passive and active effects regarding your powers.

loa mini-games
Other perks

The lore is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow, as with every Angel you free you can activate their statue to regain protection in the area of its domain. Exploring of the environment is usually encouraged through searching clickable treasure chests which yield gold and other goodies, you can equip or use in your inventory. Don’t worry about getting lost, as you can reach your destination only by clicking the objectives in your Quest Tracker, delivering you directly to your points of interest.

Once you reach level 10, you are allowed to join a guild that will provide you with new additional perks and be able to take part in special events designated only for guilds. Social interaction is very pragmatic, as you can earn gold from congratulating players who gained a new level as well as adding them to your friends list, so you can team up for various events and dungeons.

League of Angels also offers a crafting and enchanting system, through which you can create and improve your gear or that of your followers. Usually enchanting costs gold, but you can also synthesize special items with crystals and other materials, which will give you bonus points to your attribute skills.

loa inventoryThe main currency in the game is gold, which you can use to buy items from the main store or upgrade your gear. Aside from gold, you can choose the option to pay with real cash for diamonds, or gain the paying VIP service plan, which offers special benefits.

By the time you reach level 30, you will be able to take part in PvP combat, which is similar to PvE, through events such as the Arena, where you battle other players in tournaments. And if you think this is all that this game can throw at you, then you should also try the fun and distracting mini-games. You can choose out of: Gemology, where you can collect various gems, the Ride Pool, where you fishing skills in required, the Spire, where the higher you climb the better rewards you get, Whyrm Race, where you have to race your dragon and defeat opponents, or Garden, where you enslave captives and extort their gold.

loa tutorialBonding with the Angels

After a long journey, League of Angels proves to be a decent browser-based MMORPG, with beautiful graphics and fast paced combat-action. Even though you can’t directly control the outcome of your fights, you can administrate your party and their gear to improve their chances of success. The story is blunt and simple but there are plenty of other fun activities, side quests, PvP and mini-games to keep your hands busy clicking. The social side of the game helps players team up fast for various dungeons and arena fights as well as making new on-line friends. So if you love 2D arcade gaming, be a true hero and go break the ice by joining the League of Angels to bring peace to their world!


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