7 Reasons to Play Divine Souls (Closed Beta)

divine souls moba closed beta

Divine Souls is a free-to-play RPG/MOBA by Game Prix Studios and that is currently in closed beta. MMOify’s Andrei brings you this list that details seven top reasons why he liked the Divine Souls closed beta.

Game: Divine Souls
Status: Closed beta
Release date: August 15, 2014 (for closed beta)
Type: MOBA
Setting: Fantasy/Futuristic
Website: https://subagames.com/DivineSouls/News.aspx

7 Reasons to Play Divine Souls’ Closed Beta
by Andrei

#1 Beautiful looking scenery

It is fair to say that more and more MMOs these day try to impress us with visual quality, and Divine Souls has backgrounds that are very well detailed. They are the perfect match for the gameplay and help you focus on your actions, constantly keeping an eye out for tricky enemies that might hide in plain sight. There are plenty of options to browse through, but keep in mind that this is still a Closed Beta version so a lot more high quality content should be coming out soon. To top this, Divine Souls comes with some very atmospheric soundtracks to accompany you along your dungeon adventures.

#2 Arcade type combos

I especially like Divine Souls’ arcade type fighting combos. Having to use an arsenal of keys to create skills sequences will be a delight for old-school combat veterans. Though you will have to execute most of your combos without error in order to eliminate enemy waves, they tend to become fun and creative as you level up.

#3 Free to play

This reason is a bit self-explanatory, really. It’s good for a multiplayer online MOBA game to be free so that you can play it with more people.

#4 More dungeons, less wandering

Having a predetermined path alongside the main quest might seem a bit dull at first, but as you progress you start to understand that it goes hand in hand with the way the combat system works. Dungeons are very versatile, giving you the possibility of choosing how hard or easy you want your adventures to be. You can also solo or team up with other players and friends to be able to get better loot and experience.

#5 Four unique classes

At the moment there are 4 classes available to master in Divine Souls, but fortunately there are future plans to include more awesome characters later on. The main character is the fighter, who is actually a beast of a man with an iron fist capable of tearing though all enemy waves and barely get a scratch on himself. The slasher is a warrior who has mastered the sword, being able to defeat all her foes in a swift slash of the blade. The mage uses the arcane powers generated by her magic staff to keep the enemy away from herself. The priest is a powerful healer with a mean scythe that will decimate anyone who opposes his order and beliefs.

#6 PVP events

Since monsters are not all that you can serve on the Divine Soul’s menu, you can also challenge other players to get a taste of their abilities and skills. Of course you will be awarded for you bravery and tenacity in battle and bring great glory to your guild. As you continue to fight you can climb up the guild hierarchy and face stronger raked opponents in the arena.

#7 Other simple perks

The game will include an auction house in order to access the player market for goods and items needed in combat. You will also be able to join or create a guild for you and your friends in order to be part of a friendly community. And the final piece will include Event Dungeons that will allow you to win some special items upon completion.


Overall Divine Souls seems as a strong arcade style free-to-play action MOBA, where you can have tons of fun blasting and smashing your enemy and opponents to bits. Visually the game looks great together with entertaining and adventurous soundtracks that keep you focused on your fighting. Though Divine Souls is more story quest and dungeon oriented, you can still have a lot of fun doing side activities in PVP Arena and special dungeon events. So if you want to enjoy a good old-fashion arcade style combat game then give Divine Souls a try and see how far are you willing to go to become the best.


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