KingsRoad Review

KingsRoad is a free to play broswer-based point and click style action RPG by Rumble Games. It can be played right off your browser window and you can even play it on Facebook. The creation team of KingsRoad also involved two former EA employees, Mark Spenner and Greg Richardson.

KingsRoad Review


KingsRoad is one of the very few Facebook games that are truly worth playing as this game features great graphics and simple game play on your browser. Must like other action RPGs, this game features the point to move and attack method, while your skills are bound to the keys on your keyboard. The game features such stunning graphics that in full screen mode it feels like playing a console game rather than a browser based game.

If you play the game for several hours, you are rewarded with a blessing that boosts the experience you gain for the next half hour. Being a free to play game, the KingsRoad also has a cash store that lets you buy hard currency with real money. The game dose not forces you to pay any money as the currency can also be earned by simply completing quests.


KingsRoad takes place in the troubled lands of Alderstone. While the king of Alderstone is away, the kingdom is captured by foul creatures lead by Adamar the Lord of Shadows. As the warrior of the king, it is your job to save the kingdom as well as save the world that has been shrouded in darkness.

Playable Classes

Currently KingsRoad only features three playable classes: Knight, Archer, and Wizard. A knight is a melee warrior while both Archer and Wizard are ranged classes. Each class has it’s a difference set of skills as well as a skill tree. You are given one point per level to upgrade or unlock new skills. Currently all three classes only have a male model and sadly you cannot change the gender but you can change your class any time you like without having to create a new character.

Home base like Village

In KingsRoad, as you level up you unlock more and more NPCs in the village. These NPCs offer you different types of benefits like the alchemist NPC will sell you different types of potions to boost your character for a limited time. You can even exchange soft currency for a vendor-crafted item.

Cooperative mode

KingsRoad has an automatic matchmaking system that you can use to find other players for cooperative action. You can join up with other players to complete a mission. Once you have completed a mission on normal, you will unlock heroic mode that is made for cooperative game play. When you complete a mission in cooperative mode, you and your team is ranked according to their contribution to the battle and will be rewarded accordingly.


To sum it all up, KingsRoad is one of the few Facebook games that can give you an action RPG game play with wonderful graphic right on your browser. The cooperative mode makes it fun to play with your friends and it reward each player based on their contribution. However, the best thing about KingsRoad is that it is totally free to play as it never focuses you to buy anything.


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