Infinite Crisis Review

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA style free to play game based on the DC Universe and developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Infinite Crisis started its closed beta testing phase on May 8 2013 and as of 14 March 2014; the game is in an Open beta phase.infinite crisis review

Infinite Crisis features a MOBA style game play with different types of maps. Currently the game has four maps that you can play, Coast City, Coast City Marina, Gotham Divided and Gotham Heights. There are two Coast City Marina maps, one is a training map and the other is a custom team vs. team map, both maps have two lanes. Gotham Divided is a typical MOBA style map with three lanes while Gotham Heights map is shaped like a ball. All maps are interactive as metro strike and events happen in mid match.

Currently Infinite Crisis has 28 champions that you can pick, including Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman, Catwoman, The Flash, Joker, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Superman, Poison Ivy, Robin, Shazam, Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman, and Zatnna as well as Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare versions of Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy. Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare versions are not just skins changes, they are champions with different skills.

infinite crisisThe champions are divided into six categories depending on their role, Assassins, Blasters, Bruisers, Enforcers, Marksmen, and Controllers. When you start your game, you will only be able to play the free champions that are Aquaman, Green Arrow, Joker, etc. Other champions you will need to unlock by buying them in the shop. You can buy the champions by using in game points and real money as well.

Playing Infinite Crisis feels like playing a DC skinned version of League of Legends. The animations and game play is a bit similar to LoL but in Infinite Crisis, it is quite easy to get confused and lose your champion in a team battle. A part form that, the game is fun to play and with new championed planed to release in the beta shows that Infinite Crisis is bound to get better.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Nosgoth

Do you love vampire games, but hardly ever experienced their true savage nature in any available MMO out there? Well, the developers of Square Enix Studios created their masterpiece called Nosgoth that delivers us the full experience package of an exquisite and refined free-to-play online team-based player-versus-player game dedicated for hard-core vampire game fans. We present you 5 reasons why you should not miss the opportunity to try this game out and satisfy you thirst for blood and revenge as either a noble creature of the night or an adventurous vampire slayer.

The first Nosgoth open beta was from August 7 to August 10, 2014.

nosgoth open beta

#5 Unique Storyline

It may come as a pleasant surprise for you, but Nosgoth is based on the storyline of Legacy of Kain (PC Game) historical events, where the two faction of humans and vampires are fighting over the dominion of their lands. The world was dominated for over a millennium by the vampire Lord Kain, who was the founder of his elite vampire clans that ruled among the ruins of the Pillars of Nosgoth. Kain had six loyal lieutenants by his side to rule over the lands of Nosgoth, each leading his own clan. Humans were nothing more than a source of raw meat or target practice in the vampire concept and escaped refugees were hunted down and made an example of, to show their genetic superiority.

Out of his six lieutenants Raziel was most trusted by Kain, but upon finding out that he tried to surpass his master’s evolution he was trialled and thrown into the Abyss. In his never-ending search to return Nosgoth to its true former power and glory, Lord Kain abandons his clans leaving them in the hand of his lieutenants who divide and start fighting among themselves out of jealousy and personal conflicts.

Humans took the opportunity in their own hands while their enslavers were busy with their own personal war, making it possible for them to reorganize into large groups and relearn the old vampire hunting ways in order to retake Nosgoth for themselves.

Seeing that the human rebellion threat was growing stronger each day, the vampire lieutenants put their differences aside and allied their forces to face their common enemy, thus giving birth to the Great War for Nosgoth.

nosgoth screenshot

#4 Great Combat Experience

The game has been developed with Unreal Engine technology, which is especially dedicated for real time RPG games. The gameplay involves a set of two teams (humans vs. vampires) to combat in an arena environment using melee and ranged weaponry. There are two alternating rounds each game, where you play once as a vampire and once as a vampire slayer.

At the moment the Beta version has only two types of Map Modes available. The team deathmatch mode involves eliminating your opponents by scoring a high kill count and staying alive as long as possible until the end of the round. In siege mode the humans are tasked to capture and defend key points on the map in order to earn points, while vampires can only earn points by killing the human hunters.

#3 Brave Vampire Hunters

There are 4 classes of vampire hunters who use range weapons since vampires have superior speed and strength abilities. Most weapons consist of bows, crossbows, grenade launchers and flame throwers, but keep in mind that if a vampire gets too close to you these weapons also have a secondary melee attack.

The Alchemists, also known as the Red Sisters of Anacrothe, are part of a long lost generation of human alchemist and chemist. Vampires destroyed all knowledge contained within the human libraries but did continue to experiment with alchemy on their own in the hopes of discovering new ways to advance the food chain. Slaves were the source of the experiments, but one brave heroine named Elustra managed to escape and kill her captives with a newly discovered substance named naphtha. Later on she managed to found the Red Sisters of Anacrothe and lead the to unite with other groups of humans to hunt down vampires through the use of potions, occult weapons and poisons.

The Hunters of the Ironguard are the original vampire hunters and were the first force to be dispatched against Kain’s legions before the onslaught. Unable to defeat them, they took refuge deep in the heart of Nosgoth lands, recruiting any human who would devote their life to take revenge on the vampires. The hunter’s favourite weapons are the crossbow and the bola – a chain with two balls attached at each end that when thrown will entangle its captive rendering them unable to attack.

The Prophets of the Lost Seers of Avernus are a very unique breed of humans that use the arts of magic to overcome their foes. When their leader Azimuth the matriarch of Avernus went insane and turned to demon worshiping, the prophets fled for their lives, understanding how easy it is for humanity to turn from protectors into aggressors. They used their powers to locate humans with special magical talents in order to recruit and train them. Prophets also managed to create ballistic weaponry but also discovered blood fountains that changed the survivors own blood into a weapon against vampires.

The Scouts of the Watchers of Dark Eden are the messengers of death, being skilled in the arts of archery that makes it easy for them to pick vampires from afar. They also relayed important messages between the colonies of humans that were fighting the Great War of Nosgoth. Aside from being long range fighters they are also trained assassins through the use of their stealth skills, allowing to them to easily take down any vampires crossing their path.

nosgoth combat

#2 Awesome Vampires

Like humans, vampires are split into 4 classes of warriors who are able to either crawl, stealth, fly and crush their food source. All vampires are known to be able to climb walls and use their fearsome claws to slash into the fragile flesh of the human body in melee combat. They also can carry and feed on the corpses of their defeat opponents far away from the dangers on the battle field.

The Deceivers from the Zephonim Clan are gifted with mental talents, but over the years they have become twisted and degenerated through self-torture and alchemy experimenting. They are rather fragile in combat, but can stealth and assassinate their victims when they least expect it. They can project multiple copies of themselves and confuse their enemies by using their psychic abilities on their week minds. Due to their insane tactics and unclear agenda, the Decivers are feared throughout the humans as well as throughout the vampire clans, but being capable of managing the entire human food resource, they are a highly valued clan.

The Reavers from the Dumahim Clan use their cunning techniques through speed and devastating blows in hit-and-run tactics. They are skilled assassins who use stealth to their advantage and speed when needing to engage or flee rapidly from combat. They also mastered the craft of forging armour, making them harder to hit in combat thus ensuring their survivability in tough situations.

The Sentinels from the Razielim Clans are direct descendants of Raziel, who was cast into the Abyss for evolving wings before his Lord Kain could. Being driven almost to extinction by the other vampire clans, they fled their lands and took refuge in the Erebus Mountains. In time they lost their divinity turning into powerful winged monsters and when finally reaccepted in the vampires clans, they were highly valued for their ability to scout and perform aerial attacks by dropping their victims from lethal heights.

The Tyrants from the Turelim Clan are followers of Turel who proclaimed himself hair to the throne of Nosgoth, after Kain’s abandonment. Turel was also the lieutenant who hunted down and decimated most of Razielim clan. Though the others lieutenants did not agree with his ways, they did follow his decisions as he was the eldest of them all. The Tyrants are extreme brutes who consider themselves physically superior to any other vampires and they are always the first in battle, never fearing death in combat. They are able to stomp and crush their enemies with their bare hands and they obey their orders without question.

#1 Lore Friendly Maps

Currently there are five maps available from Nosgoth lands (Freeport, Provance, Sommerdamm, Valeholm and The Fane) and each has its unique and stylish medieval-gothic feeling, which reveal the scars from the conflicts between the humans and vampires. Developers did a great job of including aspects of each vampire clan in the architecture and artistic value of the surrounding structures and buildings.

With such a huge difference and variety between vampire and human classes, Nosgoth brings us a free MMO where you can be sure you will enjoy every moment when hunting lurking vampires or feasting on your human prey. The game is still in its beta stages for now, but being a free-to-play third person game and considering its potential, it is easy to foresee that Nosgoth will have some awesome surprises prepared for us when the final version will be released in the near future.


Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Review

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a free-to-play arcade card game, which is backed up by Ubisoft, where you embrace the mystical power of magic and supernatural to strategically defeat your opponents. As the name says, Duel of Champions is part of the Might & Magic franchise, where all your favorite creatures and spells transmute the turn-base strategy game into a card-strategy one. Also, being an Ubisoft game you can take advantage of their login platform to play the game, without the need of creating a separate account.

Behind the cards

duel of champions reviewMight & Magic: Duel of Champions comes packed with a nice amount of game options that will balance performance to meet the resource requirements. Visually the game looks outstanding and performs remarkably, since you can even use it on mobile and tablet devices. Developers put that extra bit of work in their packs art design, to bring to life the magical feeling of the four elements transmuted in your card creatures and spells. The background music and sound effects make Might & Magic: Duel of Champions a very immersive game, where the player is given that immersive feeling of an actual combat RTS situation.

The user interface is very easy to use and outputs very useful information for you and your opponent in the same time. For some other extra options, player can even use the Twitch feature to live stream their games, modify social presets and even roll the credits in case they are interested in the list of developers.

Let’s begin shuffling

Playing a card game such as Might & Magic: Duel of Champions has never been easier, since the 6 stage tutorial does a great job explaining to you step-by-stem how each move should be performed and anticipated.

The core of the game revolves around building your card decks to defend your main hero card. As you progress through the game, you will acquire new and more powerful cards to modify your existing decks. A valid deck contains a Hero card, 8 events cards and a mix of any creatures, spells, building and fortune cards. Also the maximum number of cards allowed per deck is between 59 and 209 cards. Another thing to keep in mind, when building your decks, is that you can have 4 copies of the same card, except for your hero, events and unique cards.

MMOTCG reviewWhen starting a battle you can take part in one of the 4 combat modes: Campaign, Ranked Duel, Tournaments and Practice. As you start a match, you will be required to setup your starting battleground setup by selecting your card formation. Next you have the supply phase where you can invest a point in your offensive, spell or defensive attributes, without any other card actions.

The action phase is the part where you can draw creature or spell cards, use your placed cards to attack your enemy, use available fortune cards and invest further points in your attribute. With each phase ending you will have to use the End Turn button so your opponent can perform his moves. In the end, whoever manages to eliminate the other’s hero card will win the game and be rewarded with gold and experience.

Card Types

Your hero and card packs can be part of one of the 6 factions, where each faction has specific attributes and skill that perform differently in each game situation.

Heaven focuses on defensive and healing capabilities. This creates a strong creature formation that blocks your enemy attempts to rely on light spells to break your defenses. Playing Heaven cards is a slower process but with enough perseverance and skill you can surely win any game. Most of the faction’s forces are based on griffins, humans, light spirits and mighty angels. This is the perfect deck for beginner players.

Inferno is the ideal deck for players who enjoy an offensive approach, since it relies on destruction spells and creatures that will reap your opponents defensive. Unlike Heaven, the Inferno factions has a significant lower defensive capacity, thus forcing you to sweep the battleground and use your devastating fire spells so you can inflict maximum damage. This faction’s forces are based on corrupt humans and various demons with chaotic powers. Also as any great RTS player would say: “A good defense is a strong offense!”


The Stronghold faction falls in the aggressive gameplay style of intuitive gamers. The main idea is to organize quick attacks by sacrificing some of your weaker creatures and deploying your raw power from your enraged creatures that will constantly harass your opponent’s defenses. Stronghold’s forces are composed of shamans, orc warriors, beastmen, centaurs and harpies. This type of decks is ideal for players that love to shred their enemy piece by piece.

Necropolis is a very versatile faction that relies on creature resurrection, poisoning, cursing and sucking the life out of your enemies. While opponents have the pleasure of decimating your front-line weaker creature, they will soon realize that they are digging their own grave as you can infect his armies with poison and use resurrection to bring back your undead hordes and overcome any resistance. This faction’s forces are backed up by undead, liches, vampires and the powerful and deadly goddess Natntarus. Necropolis decks are the most efficient way for players to eliminate their opponent using sheer numbers over damage.

Sanctuary is a great faction that focuses on repositioning and flow of the battle. Player can use Nagas to relocate on the battlefield in order to defend or freeze enemy creatures in place. Players can use a great arsenal of spells and strong spirits to keep their opponents at bay. Sanctuary’s forces are composed out of Nagas, water spirits, Kappas and Kirins. This faction is perfect for players that like to control the battlefield and force the enemy into a dance of death through positioning.

TCG online

The Academy faction is a very tricky and high risk deck to have as a professional player. Most of the creatures belonging to this faction have high requirements and even some severe drawbacks that you have to balance around your deck construction. If you manage to get that balance right and keep your supportive creatures alive, the game is yours. The Academy’s forces are based on mages and their summoned creatures, djinns, gargoyles, beastmen and titans. Use this type of decks only if you know what you are doing and have a great deal of game experience to back you up.

If you like to speed things up, you can use your gold to buy new decks from the game shop. Gold can be obtained by wining matches, from the login bonus when you enter the game every day, through achievements or by converting seals. Seals are the second game currency, which can be bought with real cash, and that can be used in the shop micro-transactions.

The last hand

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a beautiful free-to-play arcade card game that will make use of your best offensive and defensive capabilities when anticipating the next moves of your opponent. It has a great balance between visual graphics and performance and works great any type of gaming platform, where together with the background music and sound effects it gives that realistic and immersive type of RTS. The combat system is elegant and is easy to adapt to, making this game a great and unique card shuffle game. If you are a fan of arcade card games, then give Might & Magic: Duel of Champions a try and you won’t be disappointed.


Aura Kingdom Review

Aura Kingdom is a free to play MMORPG by Taiwanese game developer X-Legend and published by Aeria Games. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, this game is known as Fantasy Frontier Online. This game features beautiful anime style graphics and basic anime style story line as well. The graphics of Aura Kingdom are quite similar to other MMOs by Aeria Games like Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. Currently the game is in an Open Beta phase.

aura kingdom open beta review

Aura Kingdom features quite a lot of dynamic in the background as well as in the game play. Your screen will always be full of colors and sometimes you will see some mini cut scenes. Even when you creating a new character you will see a mini cut scene as well as all the playable classes in a dynamic way. In Aura Kingdom, you will unlock more things as you level up like Eidolon at level 10, Crafting at level 30, and at level 40, you can pick a sub class which allows you to pick up a second weapon and some new skills. Level 40 also opens up the PvP option and sadly, there is no option to PvP while you level up.

There are a total of 10 playable classes but on the English version only 8 are available. These classes are Guardian, Ravager, Duelist, Grenadler, Gunslinger, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Brad. Guardian is the primary defensive class of Aura Kingdom, Ravager and Duelist are both melee damage classes. While Ravager is more of an area of effect damage class Duelist is a single target damage class.

aura kingdom

Similarly, Grendier is an area of effect damage ranged class and Gunslinger is the single target damage class. Sorcerer and Wizard are both magic damage-dealing classes, the Sorcerer is more of a support class that uses skills to put debuffs on the enemies. While a Wizard is an area of effect magic damage dealing class. The Bard class is the primary healing class of Aura Kingdom.

Once you have picked your class, you can now customize it. Since Aura Kingdom is an anime-based game it does not have many options in character customization but unlike other anime style games, you can change the gender of your class in Aura Kingdom. After that, you are given the open to pick your Eidolons.

In Aura Kingdom, Eidolons are pets that give your skills, spells and fight by your side. The Eidolons even talk to you and they can sometimes be used as mounts. You can even send your Eidolon away to get you some powerful items by using the ‘connect to Gaia’ ability. These items are random and there is always a chance that an Eidolon might get you some off the cash shop. While your Eidolon is away, it can neither fight beside you nor talk to you, the Eidolon is back after tem minutes.

To sum it all up, Aura Kingdom is good anime style free to play MMORPG. Fans of anime style games will enjoy Aura Kingdom for not only its graphic but also for its combat style and the Eidolon system. Even though you can’t customize your character much in looks, you can still customize your class and Eidolon to create a combo that suits your playing style.


9 Reasons Why MMOs Look Silly

Even if you are a hard-core MMO fan, you still noticed some silly aspects that most games of the genre tend to reproduce en masse. These elements have proven to be irritating over time, but they became part of the gaming system that is more of a tradition than a drag.

#9 Killing defenseless animals

Most of the times when you start a normal MMO, you are tasked to kill a poor defenseless little creature to test you combat skills. Maybe it will try to fight back, but what chance will a little mob, with the characteristics of a fluffy bunny, have against a hero who is armed to the teeth!?

#8 Elves, elves and more elves

For a dying breed, elves are in overwhelming numbers when it comes to associated MMOs. You can’t follow a questing path without meeting at least 10 elves on the way, every 2 minutes. Even NPC elves are keeping their population healthy. Perhaps this is a result from the fact that male or female elves kind of look alike and have that sexy appeal to them.

#7 Skimpy armors

I have no clue where game developers come up with these ideas, but more exposed flesh won’t help you that much when a dragon spits fire all over you. I understand that they are trying very hard to keep gamers attached to their characters, but I haven’t seen skimpy outfits for any male versions in MMOs.

#6 Irrelevant potions

Did this ever happen: you finish a quest and you are rewarded a free potion of endurance that gives +2 to your stat. So what do you do with it? Best case scenario you use it once and never buy that stuff again or you can sell it for a few coins at a vendor. Don’t get me wrong, all MMO potions have a purpose, but unless you are a pro-player that is obsess of max-ing his stats, in order to terrorize the world, I have no clue why anyone would bother constantly consuming all sorts of potions that are not HP, XP and Mana related.

#5 Wimpy town defenders

Every time you reach an outpost or small village, there is a respected defender who usually roams a small area like a boss. The sole purpose of his existence is to give you quests to solve the town’s problems and that makes you wonder how he even became the defender of that settlement, since he is so lazy to take care of a few naughty critters!? It is one thing for him to ask for your assistance to get his tasks done and another to just be a slave and run errands in his place.

#4 Disposable vendors

Vendors come in all shape and sizes, but that doesn’t mean they are all useful. Take an armor or weapon smith/vendor for example. They always have low quality items, most of the times they are out of stock and everything sells at steep prices to begin with. You have a better chance to get good quality gear from loot drops or just craft it yourself if you have the ingredients.

#3 The magical spacebar

How many people did you see using Spacebar to jump while walking or even in combat? The sad truth about this mobility action is that most MMOs use a targeted combat system, which makes hopping obsolete since you can’t avoid any of the hits or travel faster over a short distance.

#2 Female characters after 10 years

A decade ago MMOs were focusing on developing new play styles and better graphics, but no one envisioned that female character aesthetics will be one of the prime focuses for marketing purposes. If we analyze the historical time span over the last 10 years we will see that female chest enlargement has evolved with each passing game. This makes me wonder for who these games are intended to anymore. We have to understand that gamers include underage kids as well, so this type of exposer might not be the brightest idea developers came up with.

#1 Bigger isn’t better

If you find yourself in a raid or doing a dungeon, you will most likely discover that depending on a monsters power attack and HP, they will tend to get bigger and bigger until they go through the world’s ruff. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does tend to get very generic for an MMO. Epic Boss fights can also be conducted with a small scale mob that has clever attacks and more mobility.

I am sure that any on-line gamer can add many other silly aspects that make MMOs look bizarre and sloppy. In my opinion, all existing MMOs should try to ameliorate this little design and mechanic flaws and try to find a balance between quality content and a fun game-play.