Runes of Magic Review

Runes of Magic Review

Runes of Magic is a Free to Play MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment. After a successful open beta phase, the full game was released on the 19 March 2009 with its first chapter of the game, The Rise of the Demon Lord. Currently the game is on Chapter V, The Fires of Shadowforge that was released on 12 June 2012.


runes of magic reviewRunes of Magic has lots of features that makes this game different form the other MMORPGs you see out there. Features like Multi-class, Player housing, Guild housing, Siege combat, Monster cards, Magic Cavy, and the Marriage system. Even though its leveling system and user interface is similar to other MMORPGs, it still stands out on its own.

That being said, Runes of Magic still gives you the typical MMO user interface, layout, key binding, leveling system and combat system but with smoother and better graphic. This makes it easier for new players as well as old MMO veterans to master the game and have fun while doing it.

Even though Runes of Magic is a free to play game but it uses real money transactions to purchase in-game items but it never forces you to buy anything as you can get almost anything by grinding, which makes its fun to play and enjoy.

Playable Races and Classes

Before you start your epic journey in Runes of Magic, you must first create your character. There are three playable races in Runes of Magic, Humans, Elves, and Dwarfs and a total of eight different classes that you can chose form, including Warden, Druid, Knight, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Scout, Champion, and Warlock.

Each race has a set of classes that they can play. As a Human, you will only be able to roll as Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Knight, Scout, and Priest. As an Elf, you will be limited to playing as Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Warden, Druid, and Scout. Lastly, if you picked a Dwarf, you will be to roll only as Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Champion, and Warlock


The multi class features allows you to choose up to three classes and combine it into one. At level 10, you will be given the option to pick your second class, again at level 20 you are given an option to choose your third class. Each class combination is different, for example; a Warlock/Mage will have different set of skills compared to a Mage/Warlock. With the Multi-class feature, you can create up to 66 different class combinations by combining any three classes you like.


runes of magicIn Runes of Magic you get your very own house and a housekeeper. Every player gets its own house and a housekeeper no matter the race or class. Once you have your house set up, you can start to customize it by adding furniture to your house, which allows you to get extra storage space for items, get bonus experience for killing monsters and completing quests and you even get extra talent points. You can even add more housekeepers that will provide you with free buffs, food and potions.

The housing feature with its bonuses helps you no matter which level you are. You get bonus experience that helps you level up faster. Storage space to save materials for later, you get free buffs, potions and food that help you in leveling and well as in the end game. Moreover, you can invite your friends to show them your awesome house.

In Runes of Magic, even guilds have their own houses, known as Guild Castles, which provide its members with different types of benefits and allows the guild to participate in awesome guild vs. guild PvP action.


runes of magic gameplayJust like all the other MMORPGs, Runes of Magic also features professions. There are six crafting skills, which include Blacksmithing, Armor crafting, Carpentry, Tailoring, and Cooking. The game also has four gathering skills, Mining, Wood cutting, Herbalism and Planting.

You can learn all professions on any class or race and increase its level up to 20. After that, you are limited to six professions that you can level up to 40 and 3 professions up to 60. You can only level up 1 profession to 80. Expect for Planting, it can be leveled up to 80 regardless of what you choose. This is a good thing since Planting can help you grow materials for your chosen profession.

Player vs. Player

Player vs. Player action can be enjoyed in the form of dueling, battlefields and Siege War as well as open world PvP action. We see dueling, battlefields and open world PvP in almost every other MMO but on Runes of Magic we get a new form of PvP called Siege War.

A Siege War is a strategic fight between two guilds. The main goal of the Siege War is to take control of either the Crystal Towers or the opponent guilds Honor Crystal that can be found inside the Guild Castle. For any PvP lover the Siege War is a must play, fighting alone side your guild mates is quite a lot of fun.

Dungeons and Raids

runes of magic combatRunes of Magic features there types of dungeons, a large PvP open world dungeons, a small six player dungeon and a large 12 player raid style dungeon. There even is a 120 player raid style dungeon that can be found under the first main city of Varanas. All the dungeons and raids reward you with special loot and gear that is of higher quality then quest gear. You can join an endless amount of dungeons and raids regardless of your level or guild.

Monster cards

Monster Cards is a feature that allows you to collect Monster Cards that are dropped by monsters. These cards provide specific attribute points and information on the monsters. These cards also act as a trophy for players. All kinds of monsters have a monster card that will give you specific bonuses but not all monsters drop the cards. With the Monster Cards, you can show your friends which monsters you have defeated.

Magic Cavy

Magic Cavy is an item that sometimes drops after defeating a monster. By using a Magic Cavy, you will give a random Pet Egg that you can use to summon a pet any time you like. All classes and races can have a pet if you get a Magic Cavy. A pet may also participate in combat depending on its loyalty.

Marriage System

The marriage system is basically a relationship system that allows two players to commit to a partnership. Depending on your relationship, you and your partner will be rewarded with special in-game bonuses. You can also get special items like friendship letters or even a love letter. This feature is great if you are playing with a loved one or a close friend, as you can show them how much you love them even inside a game.


To sum it all up, Runes of Magic is a solid MMORPG with five years of story and game play. It has everything that you needs in a MMO, whether you enjoy killing monsters or dueling other players. Runes of Magic gives you best of both worlds with awesome and fun features as well as a place to live in and the best part is, it’s completely free to play.


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