Drakensang Online Review

Drakensang Online is a browser based free to play MMORPG by Bigpoint Berlin. The game was in an open beta phase from August 2011 to July 2012. It is said that Drakensang Online has about 18 million registered accounts. In November 2011, Bigpoint released a retail version of this game. Drakensang Online can also be downloaded to the PC and played without using Java plug-in.

drakensang online review


Drakensang Online is one of the few point and click style action MMORPGs that is worth playing. The game takes you into the world of Dunia, which is inspired by medieval Europe. The game is frequently updated with world enlargements, new features and sometimes a new class.

Drakensang Online uses Andermant as its main currency. Andermants can be earned by completing quests or slaying monsters. You can even buy Andermants by using real money via the in-game item shop. Even though you can buy the currency with real money, the game will never force you to do so. You can easily advance in this game without having to use a single penny.


The world of Drakensang Online is full of wonders and mysterious creatures, monsters, long forgotten have returned to reclaim their right to rule over the lands of Dunia. These foul dark minions have gathered to summon forth humanity’s most oldest and feared foe, The Dragon. The story might be a simple one, but it adds a lot to the game and leaves you wanting more.

Playable Classes

Just like any other MMORPG, when you start Drakensang you are taken to the character creation screen. Currently the game features four classes, Spell Weaver, Dragon Knight, Ranger, and Steam Mechanicus. Once you have selected your class you can now customize the appearances to your likings.

drakensang mmorpg


Drakensang Online offers you different zones as you level up. Currently there are 12 different regions in the game, namely Grimmagstone, Wiltwuxshire, Kingshill, Slifmoor, Shorfolk, Teganswall, Torstornd, Helios, Athantis, Sea of Shadows, Iron Shield, and Mount Gloom. You can go to any region you like but be warned, each region is made for a certain level and if you go to a region before your level, you will find monsters that are stronger and deadlier.

Each region has its own questing hub or a small town. Most quests are simple, get this item, kill the monster, save the village, etc. sometimes you get some exciting quest to do, other times you will have boring item gathering quests. As you go to a new questing hub, you will note that it offers different quests then the last hub you visited, and that keeps the game enjoyable and fun to play.


In Drakensang Online, you will find that almost every region has its own dungeon. Some dungeons can easily be completed alone but most of the times, you will need a team or a party to enter. Most of the times you will have to complete a quest in a dungeon and you would have to form a party to enter. All dungeons have higher-level monsters and beasts as well as bosses that drop high quality rewards compared to other monsters you see in the region. You can even change the setting of a dungeon from normal to difficult, making it more of a challenge for you and your party.


Drakensang Online also offers you Player vs. Player action in form of arena battles as well as an open world PvP server. There are four different types of arena battles, Duel (a simple 1v1 match), a Death Match (team 3v3 match), Capture the Flag (team 5v5 match) and Storm the Fortress (team 6v6 match). Each type of arena battle has its own set of goals. By doing PvP arena battles, you can earn and Badges of Honor, which you can use to buy gear designed for PvP.


To sum it all up, Drakensang Online is a awesome game that gives you wonderful PvE action in the form of dungeons and fun PvP action as arena battles. Truly it is one of the best point and click style action MMORPG that you can play for free on your browser.


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