Blade Hunter Review

Blade Hunter is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, brought to us by Reality Squared, where every hard-core gamer will find that nostalgic moment when they rediscover the old 2D gaming mechanics embodied and envisioned in the form of a true and epic hack-and-slash arcade platform. Get ready to embark on an adventure full of action and combat with a game that makes old-school gaming look cool.

blade hunter review
The looks

The configuration settings in Blade Hunter address a very small array of option that impacts the game. You have control over sound and some small aesthetic features, but unfortunately there is no option for full screen unless you set it up from your browser. You can also setup 2 presets for personalized key controls configuration when it comes to your character’s actions and movement. Visually the game embodies all the characteristics of a beautiful 2D-is game platform where you can move in all directions and planes. Also the pleasant background music and combat sounds make Blade Hunter feel as close to the action as possible.

The user interface is very straight forward, but the only drawback is that sometimes the screen gets over-cluttered when you walk around the spawn location, where there are many other player characters and NPCs together with an abundance of detail from background scenery. Developers have taken this into consideration and have added an extra button near your settings to disable the extra content that is redundant and is there for aesthetic purposes only.

Starting out

Aside from the normal account registration method you can use social media accounts to login as well. You are then prompted to choose a character from the 4 possible classes that will stick with you until the end of the game.

browser mmorpg blade hunter

The main class is the proud Knight elf, who is a master of swords and the ultimate killing machine. The Rogue is a skilled killer that strikes from the shadows of the night. Directly ascended from Thor, the Valkyrie is one of the few remaining illusion warriors that protect the land with her magical powers. And finally we have the Mechanist, who is using the arts of science and machines rather than the raw power of blades and magic.

In the end all 4 classes are very similar in attributes, the only difference stands in the animations and a few dialog lines. Also their main combat weapons, depending on the class you chose, can vary from swords — carried by the Knight, daggers — wielded by Rogue, lance and pistol — bound to the Valkyrie and a large hammer together with a mechanical armor embodied by the Mechanist.

The game tutorial is swift and simple, where you will have to get used to go back to your origins of gaming. The controls mostly interact with your keyboard and less with the mouse, where movement is your basic stuff (WASD) and skill activation is done with the rest of the alphabetical letters (UIOHJKL), when it comes to jumping, attacking and triggering the other 5 special attack combos/abilities (hack-and-slash).

While doing quests or side activities, you will have the possibility to gather various materials that can be used to unlock the three maximum Bladesouls slots, which will greatly improve your attributes when equipped. Also you can spam your basic attacks to make new combos in the air or on the ground, since the action is very fast paced and you have to be on your toes all the time to get those sweet combos right for maximum damage output.

Exploring the world

The main quest story is very generic for a fantasy type MMO, where a great Blade Demon threatened to destroy the world, so everyone put aside their differences and imprisoned him for eternity, since he was too powerful to be destroyed. Unfortunately the Blade Demon still has loyal minions and followers who will try everything to set him free, therefore it is your duty to be a true Blade Hunter and try to defend the world once more.

Navigating the main spawn spots is fairly easy, since most of the actions are using the auto-path system to get you to your objectives. Your journeys will lead you to many beautiful and majestic fairy-tale areas, of the world map, such as Cloudborne Village, Moonspring Valley, Reef Caves, Breezy Plains, Wrath Hammer, Silverwood, Starwoods, Hall of the Guardians, Pantheon, Whitewoods and Volcanic Pools, where each has its own art work done to impregnate the feeling of diversity and polarization between all this mystical lands.

blade hunter combat


In Blade Hunter the enemies are not particularly hard to kill and most have very detailed models and look oversized by nature, perhaps to impose the feeling of fearsome and overpowered battles. Most of the mobs you will encounter will prove little challenge to your sheer power of pure awesomeness together with a chaining reaction of epic combos, making you think if they even have a chance in the first place.

Aside from the main story line, Blade Hunter is also packed with interesting side activities to keep you busy. Excavation is a neat little adventure of your own, that gives you the ability to search for various artifacts belonging to old tribes and civilizations, which are scattered around the world. Excavation becomes available after your reach level 54 in the Quest Plot and rewards you with powerful boost stats.

Sidekicks are awesome and funny looking minions that act as followers and pets in the same time. You can hire a sidekick using Diamonds (obtained with real cash), Stamina or Gold, which are also the in-game currency. They can be used in combat or dungeons and they can also be trained to have a higher Battle Rating.

The game can be played in co-op mode, where you can make lots of friends and then use the hug option, once a day, to earn their respect. Later you can use your friends to form parties or even guilds and go explore the mysterious dungeons of the world, which come in three difficulty-flavored levels (Normal, Hero and Nightmare) and feature both PVP and PVE content.

If you have little time to spare for playing Blade Hunter, then you are in luck since you have the possibility to use time points, which gather over time. Once collected, you will gain a considerable amount of experience to help you keep up the lead.

Good memories

Blade Hunter is a very beautiful and artistic 2D browser-based arcade MMORPG, where fantasy meets the ideal combat system for a game of this stature. The background scenery and majestic music combine into a balanced game that performs formidable on any type of gaming device. The combat system and unique keyboard mapping bring players back to the time of console playing, which fits perfectly with the game style of a modern arcade platform such as Blade Hunter. With plenty of side activities and attractive dungeons, which you can explore together with your friends and sidekicks, Blade Hunter is an exquisite game that needs to be played by all MMORPG fans out there, who have a nostalgic heart for old-school gaming.

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