Perfect World International Review

Perfect World International: New Horizons is a free-to-play MMORPG, which portrays a world full of fantasy mixed with a pinch of Chinese culture and art. You will embark in a new quest where you will be the hero chosen by the gods to defend the world of, well, Perfect World. With 5 races available and 10 classes to choose from, there will be plenty of room to fight and learn the treats of war. Action, diverse activities, dungeons and monsters you will keep you focused on exploring and having fun in Perfect World.

Visual Quality

The game is embedded by mysticism and an ambiance of ancient powers that show its true form through the very beautiful and detailed characters, environment and model structures. From the option’s point of view the game is very rigid and has very limited tweaking capabilities, yet Perfect World does a great job at keeping performance up even on the highest setting preset. The background music and sound effects make the game a delight to explore and have fun attacking the small and adorable little creatures. The skill effects are very well polished and truly embed the elements of a fantasy MMO. Looking over the user interface we see that it is manageable and easy to interact with, since it follows the standard MMO layout, but it could use an upgrade in one of the future patches to give it more flexibility in options for adapting it to the user’s needs.

perfect world character creationBecoming a Hero

Perfect World has one of the best character creation tools out there. You can manage every little aspect of your character’s facial feature, being able to create anything you would like from the prettiest figures to even more atrocious ones. After playing in the creation tool we will find ourselves in the starting tutorial area where we can test our powers and learn the basic movement and combat mechanics.

Your task is simple: defend Perfect World from the wraith enemy, who are remnants of the pre Perfect World. The lore tells us that the great god Pan Gu got so bored of his omnipotence power that he decided to create a world that matched his desires. He used the five nature elements (wood, fire, water, air and metal) to create a beautiful world and the life in it, but all the population turned out vile and insane becoming a shadow world.

Pan Gu wiped this world out of existence and recreated the Perfect World, where he made sure to invest as much as possible in its inhabitants, by dividing his own qualities between 3 races: Human together with Earthguard, Winged Elves together with Tideborn and the Untamed (creature-like humanoids). Unfortunately some of the wraiths survived the old world and started invading the new one to corrupt it and create mayhem.

Classes and Combat

perfect world combatWe also have 10 classes available to choose from, such as: Archer – who is very skilled with ranged weapons, Assassin – who will strike you from the shadows when you least expect it, Barbarian – who always relies on brute force first and asks questions later, Blademaster – a master of the blades, Cleric – melee champion who supports his friends in need, Mystic – a magic sumoner of the elements of nature, Psychic – a mage warrior who sustains his team mates in hard times, Seeker, Venomancer – a tamer of the wild life and a wielder of magic, and Wizard – no one can argue with a champion who controls the pure power of destructive magic. They are very stereotypical for a MMO genre, yet their skill animations make them epic fighters in the mists of a wild combat.

Combat is not particularly hard to handle as it is target based and you will enjoy spamming your skills and spells as they are very elaborate and mind-blowing on the scale they perform when they output simple damage attacks. Some will even last for some good 30 seconds so you have enough time to enjoy their destructive power effects.

Questing is interesting and at times even fun, but it becomes repetitive after a while. Never the less, all NPC characters look adorable and always have good dialog lines to keep you active on the job. To top this, there are even daily quests that bring you better rewards than the average quests.

Other Activities

perfect world international reviewWhen reaching level 19 you can start doing dungeons and here is where you start to see the difficulty of the AI rising. Dungeons are a fun activity that sometimes becomes a challenge to complete, but with great teamwork with your raiding group nothing can stand in your way and you can get that so much needed high quality loot and rewards. When you think raiding dungeons is enough, you can turn around and make your way to any big city and start training, buying, selling or even crafting loot, items, materials and gear. And don’t forget to barter for your stuff at the auction house, where competition is very bloody and ruthless when it comes to prices.

There are plenty of mounts, pets and other cosmetic items to browse through, but the best feature is getting yourself a Genie Spirit that will be an NPC companion to help you out in your adventures. They level up at the same pace as you do and they can even assist you in battle by casting buffs/debuffs or using unique abilities.

If you are looking for love in this game, as it is a social MMO, you will find that there is a marriage option between characters of opposite sex. There are quite a few steps to follow if you want to organize a ceremony and get married with someone you enjoy being on-line. After you complete all the necessary steps you will have to set a date for the wedding ceremony and when people show up at the chapel the union will begin. Be careful not to mess this activity up as it is very costly and time consuming.


Perfect World International: New Horizons is a great free-to-play MMORPG, where we can enjoy the ancient Chinese culture mixed with fantasy, making this game a master piece. The visual graphics, model, characters and animations are very well done and together with the beautiful background music you will feel cozy and comfortable while exploring. Combat is fun and full of mind blowing special effects making it a delight to hack and slash your foes. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, but in Perfect World everything must be perfect, so you can even create an expensive on-line wedding if you wish it. For all fantasy fans out there, Perfect World International: New Horizons is the game for you.

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