Infinite Crisis Review

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA style free to play game based on the DC Universe and developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Infinite Crisis started its closed beta testing phase on May 8 2013 and as of 14 March 2014; the game is in an Open beta phase.infinite crisis review

Infinite Crisis features a MOBA style game play with different types of maps. Currently the game has four maps that you can play, Coast City, Coast City Marina, Gotham Divided and Gotham Heights. There are two Coast City Marina maps, one is a training map and the other is a custom team vs. team map, both maps have two lanes. Gotham Divided is a typical MOBA style map with three lanes while Gotham Heights map is shaped like a ball. All maps are interactive as metro strike and events happen in mid match.

Currently Infinite Crisis has 28 champions that you can pick, including Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman, Catwoman, The Flash, Joker, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Superman, Poison Ivy, Robin, Shazam, Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman, and Zatnna as well as Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare versions of Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy. Arcane, Atomic, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare versions are not just skins changes, they are champions with different skills.

infinite crisisThe champions are divided into six categories depending on their role, Assassins, Blasters, Bruisers, Enforcers, Marksmen, and Controllers. When you start your game, you will only be able to play the free champions that are Aquaman, Green Arrow, Joker, etc. Other champions you will need to unlock by buying them in the shop. You can buy the champions by using in game points and real money as well.

Playing Infinite Crisis feels like playing a DC skinned version of League of Legends. The animations and game play is a bit similar to LoL but in Infinite Crisis, it is quite easy to get confused and lose your champion in a team battle. A part form that, the game is fun to play and with new championed planed to release in the beta shows that Infinite Crisis is bound to get better.


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