Zombies Ate My Pizza Review

Zombies Ate My Pizza is a brand new shoot-’em-up style browser based Free to play MMORPG by R2Games. The game play features lots of zombie killing and running around as well as a healthy dosage of humor. Currently the game is in an open beta.

zombies ate my pizza reviewZombies Ate My Pizza takes place in a post-apocalypse world that has been infected with a deadly alien virus. This alien virus is turning people into brainless pizza loving zombies who seem to believe that humans are also made up of pizza. This causes humanity to face extinction, but only a small group of soldiers including yourself are fighting back. It is up to you to save humanity by defeating the zombies.

Once you have created an account on the website and signed into to the server you are given a choice of class and gender like any other MMORPG. Even though there are two different classes, Commando and Bomber, but of them have the same playing style. So at the moment it doesn’t really matters which class you pick.

You use your mouse to aim and shoot, and the WSAD keys to move your character around the map. As you level up, you unlock different skills like grenades, black hole and more. These skills can be bound to your keyboard for quick usage.

zombies ate my pizza screenshotIn Zombies Ate My Pizza, level 1 to 25 serves more or less like an intro to the game. Each quest shows you what to do or who to talk to and where to go. All the stages and maps at that level range are quite small and easy to do, they take about 1 minute to complete but they are all single player stages. Each stage rewards you with gold, souls and sometimes you get some extra goodies as well.

As you level up, you will unlock new things like world bosses, arena, and dungeons. This is where the game turns into a real MMO. At lower levels, you can only team up with one person to take on a world boss or a dungeon. You can even fight in the arena with different players.

Zombies Ate My Pizza offers lots of character customizations and gear upgrades as well as enchantments and gems that you can add to your gear. There are also daily rewards, zombie vault, events and lots more. Even though the game offers a premium currency, you never really need it and you can easily enjoy the game without spending a single penny.


To sum it all up, Zombies Ate My Pizza is a fun new free to play shoot-em up style browser based MMORPG that can keep you entertained with its cheesy humor and stages that only take a minute or two to complete.

Since Zombies Ate My Pizza is in its beta, the information above might change as new items are added and old ones are removed.

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