Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile is a free to play point and click style action MMORPG by Grinding Gear Games. The open beta of Path of Exile was released on January 23, 2013. By March 2013 the number of registered players reached 2 million. On 23rd of October 2013, Path of Exile left its open beta phase and was fully released on their website as well as on Steam.

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Path of Exile features a point and click style action set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Unlike other free to play games, Path of Exile is totally free when it comes to game play as most of the items in the real money shop are cosmetic based and will not affect the game play.

That is not the only thing that makes this game stand apart. Path of Exile offers features that make this game unique and fun to play, like the Skill Gem System, the Passive Skill Tree, the Item System and the ever-changing world of Wraeclast.

Playable Classes

Like every other MMORPG Path of Exile seven playable classes, The Marauder, The Ranger, The Witch, The Duelist, The Templar, The Shadow, and The Scion. The Marauder is the main Strength class, The Ranger is the main Dexterity class and the Witch is the man Intelligence class. The Duelist class is a hybrid class that excels at both Strength and Dexterity, The Templar is both Strength and Intelligence and The Shadow is aligned both with Dexterity and Intelligence. While The Scion is aligned with all three main attributes but the Scion class can only be unlocked once you have completed the game.

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Passive Skill Tree System

This is where the game gets interesting; all classes share the same passive skill tree of 1350 passive skill. The only thing that is different is the starting point, for example, a Duelist can spec into using Bows rather than melee weapons or the Shadow can spec into mana related skills and become a caster. All classes have the freedom to pick their own path and customize their class as they see fit. A passive skill point can be earned by leveling up and sometimes a skill point is also rewarded for completing quests.

Skill Gem System

In Path of Exile, Gems are the basic source of your skills. Gems come in three colors that represent the main attribute. Even though you can use any gem you like as long as its socket matches the gem color but these gems are better suited if your classes matches the gems attribute as well. The Red gem represents Strength, the Green gem represent dexterity, and the blue gem intelligence. Each gem rewards you with a new skill like multiple projectiles, life leech, burning arrows, traps, fireball, and many more.

The Item System

In Path of Exile, items are the main source of everything even currency. Not only do items make you stronger but they also make you richer. All weapons and armors have gem sockets, while the jewellery items may not have any gem sockets; they provide you with powerful magical properties.

The currency items are not only used as gold but they are also used to improve your armor and weapons. You can use it to upgrade a normal item to make it a magic item; you can use it to enchant an item and many more. There are other items known as maps that grant limited access to new world area that provide you with a greater challenge and reward at end game level.


To sum it all up, Path of Exile is the perfect free to play action MMORPG that is truly free at the game play level. It offers the perfect blend of customization and freedom that keeps you entertained as well as keeps you coming back for more.


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