Three Reasons to Play Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free to play MMORPG by Grinding Gear Games. It is a dungeon crawler game like the Diablo series games by Blizzard, and it closely resembles Diablo 2. The game is heavily instanced as it provides each player and party with a private copy of the map. As far as I can tell, Path of Exile is the very best dungeon crawler game you can play for free. Here are three reasons why you should play Path of Exile.

path of exile

In-Depth Character Building

When I say character building, I do not mean character creation because Path of Exile doesn’t really have a character creation screen. Instead, you get a huge passive skill tree that you can use to build up a custom character. Even though you do get an option to pick a starting class which is gender locked. Picking a class only nets you a starting location on the passive skill tree.

The seven playable classes you will find are The Marauder, The Ranger, The Witch, The Duelist, The Templar, The Shadow, and The Scion. The Marauder class starts at the main strength skill location on the passive tree. The Ranger starts at the main Dexterity skill location and the Witch starts the man Intelligence skill location. The Duelist class stats at the middle of Strength and Dexterity skills, The Templar starts at the mid of Strength and Intelligence skills and The Shadow class starts at the mid Dexterity and Intelligence skills. While The Scion starts at the very center of the passive skill tree but the Scion class can only be unlocked once you have completed the game.

This allows you to customize you character according to your liking by mixing passive talents with Gems (gems allots you ability/spells). For example if you want to play as a Marauder with a Bow that shoot Burning arrows, all you need to do is use a Bow and the gems that let you shoot fire arrows as well as the passive skills that increases fire damage. Similarly, you can role as a Templar that uses a two handed Sword that slows enemies or a Ranger that uses an Axe.

Voice Acting

Most MMORPGs have great stories now days but hardly anyone knows it. Since almost every MMO features text based quests, their stories are lost, as 75% players don’t read the quest text. After all, who can read the quest text of all the quests as most games have a level cap of level 50 or more. However, in Path of Exile, all the quests have voice acting, all the NPCs whether they are friendly or enemies have voice acting. This makes for great story telling as well as makes the game more enjoyable.

Truly Free to Play

We all know how most Free to play MMOs are not really Free to play and each and every one of them have a cash shop where people can buy items that boosts their character and gives them an unfair advantage over others. When it comes to Path of Exile, it is truly free to play. Yes, there is a cash shop in Path of Exile but all the items there are cosmetic based and only grand visual effects. This makes Path of Exile the very best free to play dungeon crawler game you can find online.


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