Nova Genesis Review (Open Beta)

by Sydney

Nova Genesis is a free to play 2.5D browser based MMORPG by R2 Games. Its open beta started last January 9th 2015. Based on feedback from players, it was announced on Jan. 16, 2015 that there will be an upcoming comprehensive content update. This review is current as of January 18, 2015. Having said that, now is great time to play the game since players will be receiving lots of rewards during the transition period.

nova genesis open beta review

Novo Genesis Basic Information

Link: Novo Genesis official open beta sign up page
Developer: R2 Games
Release Date: 2015, open beta on January 9
Client download size: None, Browser-based
Type: Free to play

Nova Genesis Review (Open Beta)
by Mokx

R2 Games have created some of the most fun and epic browser based games like Knight’s Fable and Zombies Ate My Pizza. Currently Nova Genesis is in an open Beta testing phase. This game combines sc-fi with fantasy to create a new and exciting world. Just like every other free to play game, Nova Genesis too comes with a cash shop where you can buy items using paid currency called Diamonds.

nova genesis reviewNova Genesis features a side scrolling style game play with turn based combat style. It also has the auto path feature that lets you move your character to the next point of interest with just one click. The interface of this game is quite similar to other side scrolling games, you have your character portrait and health bar at the top left corner and chat box at the lower left corner. On the top right corner, you will find different options and your active quest. On the lower left corner you have your bags, shop and dungeons buttons.

In Nova Genesis, you can choose from one of three different classes: Wraith, Corsair, or Psyon. Wraith is the main damage dealing class that duel wield equips daggers in both hands. This class has abilities that can stun an enemy as well as cause critical strike damage. The Corsair class wields a single massive sword. This class can be used as a tank, a damage dealer or support with its party buffs. The Psyon class main range class that can be played as a damage dealer or a healer. At the moment the game features six playable characters, Two of each class, a male and female character.

Nova Genesis features both PvE and PvP features, including a home base where you can see other players running around. A party dungeons system allows you to join or create a party with other players to take on different dungeons. There even is a hidden skill combo system that lets you create different skill combos to do a massive amount of damage. Unique to the game are the Nova Weapons, special weapons earned through the game’s main quests, which can be upgraded through infusions.

nova genesis screenshotJust like every other MMORPG, Nova Genesis too comes with the option to create or join a guild as well a use different type of mounts. You will also find a daily system that gives you bonus experience and gold upon completing Bounty Quests, Solo Dungeons and other aspects of the game. However, some events can only be started at a fix time of the day. For example, the party arena can only be join between 12:30pm to 1:30pm and 6:30pm to 7:30pm. The game also features some nice cut scenes and story.


Nova Genesis is a new free to play side scrolling browser based game by R2 Games. It has one of the most enjoyable turn based combat style that does not feel boring at all. There is also a nice story that holds the entire game together. If you enjoy side scrolling game, Nova Genesis is a must have, plus the best part is, it’s free to play.

Sydney Bennett

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