Best MMORPG Games 2015

dragon nest 2

Here is a first look at the best MMORPGs of 2015. Although having a top MMORPG 2015 list right now might seem to be a bit premature, there are quite a few gamers who enjoy being the first to sign up for closed beta testing or open beta games. This post will give them a good starting point.

The games we have listed here are a mixed bag. Some of them are MMO-like but not, strictly speaking, MMORPGs. The main criterion the writers and editors of MMOify used to pick these particular games is that they are all the sort of fun, interesting upcoming releases that MMO players are likely to want to know more about.

None of these upcoming MMOs are currently playable and in many cases there really isn’t that much information about them yet. This post will be updated whenever new info is released about MMORPGs that will be launched in 2015.

Best MMORPG 2015

(games are not listed in any order)

warhammer mmorpg

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
Type: PvP MMORPG for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One
Release Date: 2015
Official website: http://www.eternalcrusade.com/

For the Emperor! If this game isn’t purely awesome when it comes out, all of the Warhammer 40,000 fans will be severely disappointed. The information revealed so far indicates that the game will have four playable factions at launch: Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks.

Eternal Crusade will be available for free but free players will be limited to the Ork faction. Those who buy the box/download will have full access to content. In other words, this looks like it’s a mixture of free and buy to play.


Project: Theralon by Infernum Productions AG
Type: Browser-Based Sandbox MMORPG
Release Date: Unknown
Official Website: http://www.theralon.com/

According to Joystiq, Project: Theralon looks amazing for a browser-based MMORPG and is a sandbox game. Though details are scarce since it is still in development, so far it seems that players can build houses and other structures in the game. Crafting and trading will be encouraged, plus there will be no standard classes or quests.

shards online

Shards Online by Citadel Studios
Type: Player-run Sandbox MMORPG
Release Date: Unknown
Official Website: http://shardsonline.com/

An upcoming MMO that looks very promising, Shards Online will be a “player-run” MMO that will allow players to run their own servers and customize the game to their liking such as tweaking core settings such as experience/skill gain rate. Server administrators will be able to do a host of things such spawn monsters, create items, host events, etc. Players will even be allowed to modify the game code. With this type of freedom in place, Shards Online will have several differently-themed worlds (shards) like high fantasy, steampunk, a PvP world, and so forth. Polygon interviewed the CEO and has some details about the game.

city of titans

City of Titans aka The Phoenix Project by Missing Worlds Media
Type: Superhero-Themed MMORPG
Release Date: Target Date 2015
Official Website: http://cityoftitans.com/

This is a spiritual successor to the MMO City of Heroes that is being developed by “a group of volunteer developers left homeless by the closure of the game.” Basically, it’s going to be very similar to CoH. Thus, players can expect to play as either a superhero or supervillain with its own unique powers, costume, and name. In CoH players teamed up (like the X-Men or Avengers) to complete missions so this is the type of gameplay CoT will also have.


Survarium by Vostok Games
Type: Futuristic MMO First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 2014 open and closed beta, launch TBA
Monetization: Confirmed, free to play
Official Website: http://survarium.com/en

A first-person shooter MMO (MMOFPS), Survarium has been testing the shooter part of the game and its development timeline states that the aim is to have an open beta of freeplay mode by the fourth quarter of 2014 so it’s likely that the launch will be on 2015 at the earliest. What it is about: “After the cancellation of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, former GSC Game World developers formed Vostok Games and quickly announced Survarium, a free to play online shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world that retains many core elements found in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.” (source)

camelot unchained

Camelot Unchained by City State Entertainment
Type: Realm vs Realm MMORPG
Release Date: December 2015
Monetization: Confirmed, subscription (pay to play)
Official Website: http://camelotunchained.com/en/

A crowdfunded MMORPG that is being developed based on three fundamental gameplay elements: Realm-vs-Realm (RvR), crafting, and housing. Leveling will be done through RvR, not killing mobs or completing quests. The game economy will be dominated by crafters and there will be no auction house, just player shops and bazaars. It’s not just houses that can be built but includes giant or useful structures such as mines, huts, inns, etc.

dragon nest 2

Dragon Nest 2 by Shanda Games
Type: Large-Scale MMORPG
Release Date: TBA
Monetization: Uknown
Official Website: None

The upcoming sequel to the hit MMO Dragon Nest, Dragon Nest 2 has been announced to be under development. In 2013 the CEO of Shanda Games said they were “looking into at least 2 years of development” (source) so if 2013 is counted as the first year then 2014 is the earliest it could be launched. DN2 will have fast, responsive action combat and will be a large-scale MMORPG, according to the news article from MMOCulture.


ReRoll by PIXYUL
Type: Online Open World Survival Action RPG
Release Date: TBA
Monetization: Pay
Official Website: http://rerollgame.com/

A futuristic online open world survival game, ReRoll will be a sandbox game that focuses on exploration, fighting, and crafting. At the moment it is not considered and MMO but could be made into one “some day” according to the developer’s FAQ and the gameplay is going to be “very MMO-esque.” The target date for the first playable part of the world is mid-2015. Also, the game is being created by drone-sourcing the real world. Drone-sourcing involves using cameras attacjed to flying drones to scan the Earth’s surface to model the world in 3D.

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9 Reasons Why MMOs Look Silly

Even if you are a hard-core MMO fan, you still noticed some silly aspects that most games of the genre tend to reproduce en masse. These elements have proven to be irritating over time, but they became part of the gaming system that is more of a tradition than a drag.

#9 Killing defenseless animals

Most of the times when you start a normal MMO, you are tasked to kill a poor defenseless little creature to test you combat skills. Maybe it will try to fight back, but what chance will a little mob, with the characteristics of a fluffy bunny, have against a hero who is armed to the teeth!?

#8 Elves, elves and more elves

For a dying breed, elves are in overwhelming numbers when it comes to associated MMOs. You can’t follow a questing path without meeting at least 10 elves on the way, every 2 minutes. Even NPC elves are keeping their population healthy. Perhaps this is a result from the fact that male or female elves kind of look alike and have that sexy appeal to them.

#7 Skimpy armors

I have no clue where game developers come up with these ideas, but more exposed flesh won’t help you that much when a dragon spits fire all over you. I understand that they are trying very hard to keep gamers attached to their characters, but I haven’t seen skimpy outfits for any male versions in MMOs.

#6 Irrelevant potions

Did this ever happen: you finish a quest and you are rewarded a free potion of endurance that gives +2 to your stat. So what do you do with it? Best case scenario you use it once and never buy that stuff again or you can sell it for a few coins at a vendor. Don’t get me wrong, all MMO potions have a purpose, but unless you are a pro-player that is obsess of max-ing his stats, in order to terrorize the world, I have no clue why anyone would bother constantly consuming all sorts of potions that are not HP, XP and Mana related.

#5 Wimpy town defenders

Every time you reach an outpost or small village, there is a respected defender who usually roams a small area like a boss. The sole purpose of his existence is to give you quests to solve the town’s problems and that makes you wonder how he even became the defender of that settlement, since he is so lazy to take care of a few naughty critters!? It is one thing for him to ask for your assistance to get his tasks done and another to just be a slave and run errands in his place.

#4 Disposable vendors

Vendors come in all shape and sizes, but that doesn’t mean they are all useful. Take an armor or weapon smith/vendor for example. They always have low quality items, most of the times they are out of stock and everything sells at steep prices to begin with. You have a better chance to get good quality gear from loot drops or just craft it yourself if you have the ingredients.

#3 The magical spacebar

How many people did you see using Spacebar to jump while walking or even in combat? The sad truth about this mobility action is that most MMOs use a targeted combat system, which makes hopping obsolete since you can’t avoid any of the hits or travel faster over a short distance.

#2 Female characters after 10 years

A decade ago MMOs were focusing on developing new play styles and better graphics, but no one envisioned that female character aesthetics will be one of the prime focuses for marketing purposes. If we analyze the historical time span over the last 10 years we will see that female chest enlargement has evolved with each passing game. This makes me wonder for who these games are intended to anymore. We have to understand that gamers include underage kids as well, so this type of exposer might not be the brightest idea developers came up with.

#1 Bigger isn’t better

If you find yourself in a raid or doing a dungeon, you will most likely discover that depending on a monsters power attack and HP, they will tend to get bigger and bigger until they go through the world’s ruff. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does tend to get very generic for an MMO. Epic Boss fights can also be conducted with a small scale mob that has clever attacks and more mobility.

I am sure that any on-line gamer can add many other silly aspects that make MMOs look bizarre and sloppy. In my opinion, all existing MMOs should try to ameliorate this little design and mechanic flaws and try to find a balance between quality content and a fun game-play.


Smite Review

smite review

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA game, brought to us by Hi-Rez Studios, where you embark on a journey that will lead you to a godlike confrontations between epic and mythological Gods. Unlike most games of its genre, Smite puts you into the first seat (3rd-person view) in the game to watch the action up close while you try to survive the killing blows of your enemy.

smite reviewVisual and options

The game looks great by having a neat balance between graphic quality and performance while playing. Furthermore the antialiasing effect does improve those sharp edges by making the environment more pleasant for your eyes. Sounds and voice covers play an important role in Smite, thus they are executed flawlessly and to the letter. There aren’t too many game options to go through and the UI is a bit robust, but developers did a great job at positioning all the HUD elements so you can focus on the battle screen rather than on stats.

Playing like a God

Like all MOBA games, your objectives are to get past your enemy’s defenses to reach your ultimate goal that is symbolically represented by a Titan (Boss fight). There are a few differences that make Smite stand out of the MOBA crowd, that ultimately fine-tune the player’s experience when taking the victory home.

The game does a great job at helping you step-by-step by following their detailed tutorial on how to survive your first battles. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that most of the hard work, item picking and skill selection are automatically executed by the AI assistance mechanism. The tutorial encourages you to keep these autopilot options on until you get a better understanding of the game works while you gain more experience through different game-plays. Smite also gives you the possibility to live stream directly from within the game and also watch other player’s games to better understand how they deal in various combat situations. In other words this system improves your chances to play with/against veteran gamers and don’t fall behind too much while leveling your God throughout a match.

Smite also has a Voice Guidance System (VGS) that replaces the need to type in chat when trying to communicate efficiently. It uses a combo of keys to alert your team, through voice commands, whenever you want to point something out for them, such as a missing enemy from your lane or simply returning to base to heal and resupply. It does take a while to get used to them, but they are very helpful as they don’t constantly focus your attention in the chat window or on the mini-map.

In order to have access to all the game’s content you have to level up your account until you reach level 30. As you get your level higher, more game mods and Gods will become available to you. Upon reaching level 30 you will also have the opportunities to play in ranked matches and progress through its tiers.

smite moba gameThe Parthenon of Gods

There are 5 classes available for your god collection, where you can choose to be a powerful mage who wield the extreme powers of magic, an assassin that base his attacks on stealth and cunning, a hunter that focuses on range attacks to take down enemies quickly, a guardian that has a huge life pool and rely on defense strategies in order to allow his team enough time to inflict maximum damage, or you could just be a warrior that balances his defense and attack skills so he can dominate the battlefield in pure rage.

Of course, each class is specific to different roles like support, tank, carry or jungler that requires good cooperation in order for all team members to excel their best in team fights.

Like all mythologies, each God is represented by a specific culture. In the character selection panel we have a filter that allows us to browse between Hindu, Mayan, Chinese, Norse, Roman, Greek and Egyptian Gods, which have their own backstory and abilities correlated with folklore believes associated with them. Each God has 4 usable combat skills you can activate during fights, 2 slots for consumable potions and wards, 6 precious items/gear slots and 2 more special slots for passive abilities that can be purchased from the AI shop, giving your playable character extensive build flexibility. You also have the possibility to create your own preset of recommended items before you begin a match within the game’s client.

Being a 3rd person shooter type of MOBA, the combat is pretty much skilled-shot oriented. Though you are given the impression of a lot of mobility, by panning you camera up and down or by jumping, the crosshair is kept on a stabilized ground level, thus your only concern is aiming left and right than above and below an enemy God.

The modes

Needless to say, if you roll with autopilot in your early game stages on you won’t lose precious time in your base by looking at each item and skill to understand how they work, but if you want to get the best out of your God then a bit of practice won’t spoil your curiosity.

There are 6 game modes available where your God will have to defeat the enemy party within the given time, while reaching the maximum character level of 20 and buying various consumables, items and precious gear. Practice is the most recommended activity when trying to familiarize yourself with a new God. This is a single-player (solo) mode that teaches you the basic rules and mechanics of the game, while playing on a single lane map against another AI God.

Conquest is the default 5-vs-5 game mode, featuring a three lane map surrounded by a jungle area, where the main objective is to destroy the enemy towers, Phoenixes and Minotaur. One thing to keep in mind is that the Minotaur is much stronger if most of the defenses are still up and yes it will attack you since it’s not a structure, like in other MOBA games. Also Phoenixes are special towers that will unlock super-minions when destroyed, but unlike the traditional towers, Phoenixes re-spawn after a given time.

Arena is more of a PVP-like brawling death match, where the main goal is to reduce your opponent’s ticket count to zero, by killing enemy Gods and their minions. Each team starts with 500 tickets and an average game lasts about 15 minutes per match. Also the Arena is full of spectators that will cheer up every time an event happens on the glorious battlefield.

Assault is very similar to Conquest, but you are assigned a random God and the map has a single lane with no jungle area (all random, all mid). The objectives remain the same as in Conquest mode, where your goal is to help protect the base while attacking the enemy’s defenses.

Joust is a 1-vs-1 mode that is very fun to play when challenging one of your friends to a duel. In order to win you only have to destroy your rival/friend’s Minotaur. This mode will yield a reward only once per day, so it is more of a proving ground for player’s superiority rather than a standardized game mode.

Siege is also very similar to Conquest mode, but the big difference is that this map has only two lanes instead of the normal three and the teams can have up to three players each. Your main objective is to acquire a siege weapon, to push the lanes faster, by killing minions, jungle camps and enemy players to earn the necessary points. You can also get an instant siege weapon by destroying the central jungle camp.

Upon winning a game you are rewarded with a global experience and favor (in-game currency). Favor is used to buy new Gods or account icons, but you also have the possibility to use micro transactions with the help of gems (bought with real cash). There is even a goodwill system that provides you with a 30% reward bonus if you play according to the game’s rules and you prove to be a reliable member for your team.


Smite is an interesting MOBA game that thinks out of the box when it comes to its game-play style. The 3rd person camera view is one of the best features of the game, while graphics and VGS look very polished and the antialiasing option does improve the visual quality by a lot without performance loss. Combat is skill-shot oriented and force players to be focused on most of the action that happens in the battle. The 6 game mods also help players to switch between game styles ultimately achieving level 30 where they can explore the pleasure of ranked matches. For everyone who loves to wield the power of the ancient Gods, Smite will satisfy that desire and transform all you battles into awesome good games (GG).


Top Five Movie References in WoW that are Easy to Spot

John J. Keeshan

World of Warcraft is full of movie references, as long as you have seen the movie you will easily spot its reference in game. These references are all over the game, some are in the form of quests; some are in the form of NPCs, etc. Below are the top five movie references you can easily spot.


In the Death Knight starting area there is a quest called “Tonight we Dine in Havenshire” this is a clear reference to the famous quote of King Leonidas in the movie 300. In this quest, you are required to gather arrows fired by NPCs called “Sky Darkeners” this is another reference to the 300 movie where the Persian says, “Our arrows will blot out the sun!”. During the quest “The Light of Dawn”, the defenders of Light’s Hope Chapel are only 300 while the Scourge army has 10,000, this is yet another reference to 300 the movie.

harrison jones

Harrison Jones

Indiana Jones

In WoW there is a Human NPC named Harrison Jones. He wears the same cloths as Indiana Jones and he is an archaeology trainer in Stormwind. The Horde archeology trainer is called Belloc Brightblade who is a reference to Rene Belloq, the main adversary of Indiana Jones in The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Harrison Jones plays a large role in the story of Uldum. There are too many quests with Harrison Jones that point to different Indiana Jones movies. Some of the quests include, “Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum” which is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the “Premature Explosionation” quest is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, etc.


There is a quest in Grizzly Hills called “Say hello to my little friend” which is a clear reference to the famous dialog form the movie Scarface. The best part of the quest is, the NPC where you turn the quest in, is a Dwarf.


John J. Keeshan

John J. Keeshan

In the Alliance zone of Redridge Mountains, you will find a lot of reference to the Rambo movies. Firstly, there is an NPC named Colonel Troteman who is a clean reference to Colonel Samuel Trautman of the Rambo movie. This NPC will give you a quest known John J. Keeshan. In this quest, you will have to find John J. Keeshan under the Lakeshire Inn. Now this John J. Keeshan guy is WoW’s version of John Rambo. When you find him under Lakeshire Inn, you will see him street fighting similar to the opening scene in Rambo 3, where Rambo street fights for money.

John J. Keeshan will tell you that people have accused him of killing Orc babies, which is a reference to the first Rambo movie, First Blood. In which Rambo says that people called him a baby killer. There is another quest” They Drew First Blood” that starts with Colonel Troteman and ends with John J. Keeshan is yet another reference to the movie First Blood. Another quest that shows John J. Keeshan as Rambo is “AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!” (Yes that is the quest name) where he firing a gun turret while you drive an Alliance Steam Tank is similar to the scene where Rambo seen on a turret firing at the enemies.

Fight Club

brawler's guild

Grawler’s Guild

Fight Club reference is quite easy to spot in WoW. Both Alliance and Horde have their own Fight Club versions called the Brawler’s Guilds. When you join the Brawler’s Guild you earn the achievement “The First Rule of Brawler’s Guild” this is a clear reference to the rules of Fight Club which is “First rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club.” Once you reach Rank 7, you earn the achievement “The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild” which gives out a Brawler’s Pass that you can give to a friend or sell on AH. This reference to the second rule of Fight Club “You do not talk about Fight Club.” When you queue for your first fight in the Brawler arena, you are placed at the start of the queue, again referring to the third rule of Fight Club “If it’s your first day, you have to have”

All around Undercity you can find NPCs with names referring to Fight Club, Tyler, Edward, Marla and Chloe in War Quarter. There even is the famous Robert Paulson in WoW and the best part is, when you talk to him, he says, “Why does everyone know my name” a reference to the famous quote of Fight Club “His name is Robert Paulson.” In game there is also a mace called Fight Club that Scarlet Monks drop in the Scarlet Monastery Entrance.


Black Gold Online Review

black gold online review

Black Gold Online is a free to play MMORPG developed by Snail Game. This game features a combination of Steampunk and Fantasy elements in the setting. The game is currently in its open beta phase and the below information might change over time. This game has a cash stop but never forces you to buy anything.

black gold online reviewCharacter Creation

When you log into Black Gold Online for the first time, you are instantly taken to the faction selection screen. There are two main factions in the game, Isenhorst and Erlandir. Isenhorst is the steam punk faction and Erlandir in the fantasy faction. The next screen will take you to the class selection screen. There are 12 classes in the game, Punisher, Assassin, Spellsword, Blademaster, Skycaller, Pyromancer, Spectromancer, Geomancer, Gunslinger, Occultist, Thaumaturge, and Beastmaster. Once you have your class, you are taken to a very detailed character creation screen with lots of options and sliders.

Game Features

Black Gold Online has many different gameplay features, like Adventure System, Arena, Battlefield, Chambers of Greed, Energy Wall, Out Break, Instance System, Military Battlefield, and Mount based Combat or Mech Combat. Each mode unlocks at a different level. The Adventure system and Instance system are the main PvE systems, while Arena, Battlefield Energy Wall, Military Battlefield are PvP. Chambers of Greed is both PvE and PvE, it’s an open world dungeon that anyone can enter but you first have to discover it.
open beta mmorpgBlack Gold Online also features a profession and guild system, as well as crafting and daily rewards. Most of these features are quite good but the game bombards you with them which can be confusing for the player. Similarly, the user interface feels cluttered.

Questing and leveling in Black Gold Online is quite easy. Most of the quests are “talk to this/that NPC” type of quests. Even though these types of quests are easy to do and help you level up fast, they become quite boring after a while. No matter which faction you pick, the quests up to level 10 are fast paced but really boring.

black gold online reviewBlack Gold Online is full of cut scenes; you get a cut scene when you create a new character and even while you are questing. However, none of the cut scenes has voice over and they look a bit outdated. Similarly, the graphic of the game look outdated but that could be because of the game being in a beta phase. Speaking of graphics, the game also features a model where you can farther lower your graphics setting to improve the games performances to have a better PvP experience.


To sum it all up, Black Gold Online is a free to play MMORPG that is currently in its open beta phase. The concept and features of this game sound promising but while playing it feels a bit dull and boring. Maybe it’s because its still in open beta testing and it might improve later on. I for one am really hoping that this game improves its quality as I truly like the idea of technology vs. fantasy.


Perfect World International Review

perfect world combat

Perfect World International: New Horizons is a free-to-play MMORPG, which portrays a world full of fantasy mixed with a pinch of Chinese culture and art. You will embark in a new quest where you will be the hero chosen by the gods to defend the world of, well, Perfect World. With 5 races available and 10 classes to choose from, there will be plenty of room to fight and learn the treats of war. Action, diverse activities, dungeons and monsters you will keep you focused on exploring and having fun in Perfect World.

Visual Quality

The game is embedded by mysticism and an ambiance of ancient powers that show its true form through the very beautiful and detailed characters, environment and model structures. From the option’s point of view the game is very rigid and has very limited tweaking capabilities, yet Perfect World does a great job at keeping performance up even on the highest setting preset. The background music and sound effects make the game a delight to explore and have fun attacking the small and adorable little creatures. The skill effects are very well polished and truly embed the elements of a fantasy MMO. Looking over the user interface we see that it is manageable and easy to interact with, since it follows the standard MMO layout, but it could use an upgrade in one of the future patches to give it more flexibility in options for adapting it to the user’s needs.

perfect world character creationBecoming a Hero

Perfect World has one of the best character creation tools out there. You can manage every little aspect of your character’s facial feature, being able to create anything you would like from the prettiest figures to even more atrocious ones. After playing in the creation tool we will find ourselves in the starting tutorial area where we can test our powers and learn the basic movement and combat mechanics.

Your task is simple: defend Perfect World from the wraith enemy, who are remnants of the pre Perfect World. The lore tells us that the great god Pan Gu got so bored of his omnipotence power that he decided to create a world that matched his desires. He used the five nature elements (wood, fire, water, air and metal) to create a beautiful world and the life in it, but all the population turned out vile and insane becoming a shadow world.

Pan Gu wiped this world out of existence and recreated the Perfect World, where he made sure to invest as much as possible in its inhabitants, by dividing his own qualities between 3 races: Human together with Earthguard, Winged Elves together with Tideborn and the Untamed (creature-like humanoids). Unfortunately some of the wraiths survived the old world and started invading the new one to corrupt it and create mayhem.

Classes and Combat

perfect world combatWe also have 10 classes available to choose from, such as: Archer – who is very skilled with ranged weapons, Assassin – who will strike you from the shadows when you least expect it, Barbarian – who always relies on brute force first and asks questions later, Blademaster – a master of the blades, Cleric – melee champion who supports his friends in need, Mystic – a magic sumoner of the elements of nature, Psychic – a mage warrior who sustains his team mates in hard times, Seeker, Venomancer – a tamer of the wild life and a wielder of magic, and Wizard – no one can argue with a champion who controls the pure power of destructive magic. They are very stereotypical for a MMO genre, yet their skill animations make them epic fighters in the mists of a wild combat.

Combat is not particularly hard to handle as it is target based and you will enjoy spamming your skills and spells as they are very elaborate and mind-blowing on the scale they perform when they output simple damage attacks. Some will even last for some good 30 seconds so you have enough time to enjoy their destructive power effects.

Questing is interesting and at times even fun, but it becomes repetitive after a while. Never the less, all NPC characters look adorable and always have good dialog lines to keep you active on the job. To top this, there are even daily quests that bring you better rewards than the average quests.

Other Activities

perfect world international reviewWhen reaching level 19 you can start doing dungeons and here is where you start to see the difficulty of the AI rising. Dungeons are a fun activity that sometimes becomes a challenge to complete, but with great teamwork with your raiding group nothing can stand in your way and you can get that so much needed high quality loot and rewards. When you think raiding dungeons is enough, you can turn around and make your way to any big city and start training, buying, selling or even crafting loot, items, materials and gear. And don’t forget to barter for your stuff at the auction house, where competition is very bloody and ruthless when it comes to prices.

There are plenty of mounts, pets and other cosmetic items to browse through, but the best feature is getting yourself a Genie Spirit that will be an NPC companion to help you out in your adventures. They level up at the same pace as you do and they can even assist you in battle by casting buffs/debuffs or using unique abilities.

If you are looking for love in this game, as it is a social MMO, you will find that there is a marriage option between characters of opposite sex. There are quite a few steps to follow if you want to organize a ceremony and get married with someone you enjoy being on-line. After you complete all the necessary steps you will have to set a date for the wedding ceremony and when people show up at the chapel the union will begin. Be careful not to mess this activity up as it is very costly and time consuming.


Perfect World International: New Horizons is a great free-to-play MMORPG, where we can enjoy the ancient Chinese culture mixed with fantasy, making this game a master piece. The visual graphics, model, characters and animations are very well done and together with the beautiful background music you will feel cozy and comfortable while exploring. Combat is fun and full of mind blowing special effects making it a delight to hack and slash your foes. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, but in Perfect World everything must be perfect, so you can even create an expensive on-line wedding if you wish it. For all fantasy fans out there, Perfect World International: New Horizons is the game for you.

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15 Reasons Why Gamers Should Love Rift


Rift is not a game about perfection and balance, but is rather more oriented towards the concept of adaptation and skill improvement. This might scare a gamer away from such an MMO, but I assure you it is a great game. In this post I will reveal 15 reasons why Rift is a superb MMO that every gamer should give try out at least once.


#15 User Interface

The UI is very flexible, has tons of layout options and makes it feel like a breeze when presetting your own configuration. And yes, I know it looks very similar to WoW, but don’t get stuck on mere appearances. The UI is extremely user friendly and well developed, making add-ons a commodity rather than a necessity.

#14 Awesome dungeons

Doing dungeons is an ongoing process that you never get tired of. Maybe it is the immersive group system or the ability to change your character roles, between combats, and always try new skills in the hard-core battles against epic bosses. One thing is for sure, Rift does a great job at keeping people wanting to explore dungeons as often as possible.

#13 Unorthodox questing

Though you start with an amazing storyline, by traveling from the future to prevent a devastating cataclysm that occurs in Telara’s past, the story itself starts to fade away as you play. People who enjoy lore exploration might get a cold chill, but in fact questing is not the main focus in Rifts. Even if you start doing a strain of quests you can get easily distracted by other adventures and events, which will level you so at a faster rate, thus making your previous quests obsolete. If you truly want to complete every quest in the game, there is a neat work around by using the Mentor system to diminish your stats by as much as 5 levels. It might be chaotic to follow a quest line, but Rift points the gamer in the direction of having fun and leveling up however he likes, opposed to standard questing.

#12 World events

Every now and then, Rift throws a world event at you that will reward your curiosity, upon completion, with interesting gifts. These events usually last for a few days and yield unique items or mounts that players can show off with after completing bizarre and entertaining challenges.

#11 Dimensions

We all love to have our little hero’s nest, to call home. Rift goes a step forward and offers us an actual piece of the land (personal dimension) to possess and manage, where the developers done a great job of creating a home with an imposing view.

#10 Endless exploration

Rift highly encouraged exploration through achievements and artifacts, which can lead to unlock special rewards. There is nothing more fun than to go off-road and investigate a mountain peak or steep crater that might hide out interesting or dangerous mysteries.

#9 End game content

The true journey of the game starts when you reach level 50. You have an entire new land dedicated for end game content–making you realize that reaching level 50 was just the warm up training. Rift doesn’t keep players bored and always throw new things at them to play with, to keep busy, as they progress through their adventures.

#8 Spectacular rifts

Obviously Rift introduces the concept of tears in space and time where rift events will randomly occur on the map. Rifts are very unpredictable and can surprise you every time you are in an area and minding your own business, when all of a sudden waves upon weaves of creatures reverse all over the land (in that particular area) to decimating everything in their way. When a rift event occurs you aren’t safe anywhere, not even in NPC faction camps. If Rift monster kill everyone in camps you will have to wait for the event to pass in order for your quest NPC to re-spawn, otherwise if you are up for the challenge, you can try to defend the camp in order to gain a good amount of XP, faction recognition and some other neat rewards.


#7 Immersive groups

When having to team up with someone for a rift event for example, you can activate this feature on the fly. If the game senses you are in a dangerous zone and there are other players near you, it will automatically pop up a group button on the top of your screen. Groups are very practical when leveling up in difficult situations. Being such an accessible feature, team communication is kept to a minimum between players, everyone focusing on the bigger objectives while benefiting from the opportunity of getting help from other players.

#6 Soul trees

Generally in a standard MMO you are stuck with a particular character class from beginning till the end of the game. Rift has a very neat and interactive tool called Soul Trees. You have 3 souls which you can invest in your character and which can be changed throughout the game to adapt to different combat situation. If you are an offensive mage in your group and your healer or tank is not particular great at his role, you can easily step out of the battler, change your preset roles and fill in the gap for them. This means that the class you play is very flexible and will always offer you a way to cope with various weaknesses the game mechanics will try to impose on you.

#5 Instant adventures

These events are a lot of fun and a fast way to gather experience in the company of other random players. They are worthwhile since they reward you with special items and currency and also make quite a show when a small army of players surrounds a poor mini-boss, like raging ants, and obliterate him out of existence.

#4 Amazing graphics and music

Laying your eyes on an opening rift that shatters the earth and darkens the sky is a breath taking moment. Developers put a lot of artistic touch in their work and it does show off through beautiful landscapes and detailed character features. The only drawback is that you will have to trade quality over performance, but generally the game reacts smoothly and well balanced on a normal PC. Iron Zur brings us beautiful soundtracks that merge with the mystical realms in Rifts and it does stand out next to other big names such as Tera, Startreck, Everquest II or Lineage II, represented by the same composer.

#3 Fun to level up

We all know how hard is the path of leveling up a character by doing the same old grumpy quests over-and-over again. Rift comes with a new perspective and gives the players the possibility to alternate between quests, dungeons, rift events, PVP arenas and instant adventures to level up fast and from a very early gameplay stage. This changes the monotonous and strict path of quest grinding for experience and forms it into a more flexible leveling system that is fun and keeps you active.

#2 Casual population

Rift feel a lot less crowded and usually people don’t have reasons to stick to a particular area, being constantly on the move to find new activities. Even on PVP Servers people don’t fight each other that often and most of the time they team up against opened rift events and then go on their way. It does make Rift feels more of a single-player game at times, but with so much to do you rarely notice this aspect.

#1 Extensive PVE

Rift makes the player go step by step through various difficulty tiers when it comes to PVE (Normal, Expert, Raid and Chronicle). So when you see someone with epic gear obtained from a high tier dungeon, you will know he earned it through hard work and not by pure luck from his first try.

In conclusion

Rift is unique and very entertaining giving each player the opportunity to adapt his own play style, leaving space for plenty of activities to strap on your journeys. There are many other aspects that Rift has packed under its hood, but I chose to reveal only the most important components that give this game an elegant and mundane nature.


Garrosh Placement Confusing for New Horde Players


Most players of World of Warcraft might not realize but Garrosh can be found in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria and even Outland. To an Alliance player this does not matter as they only see Garrosh in Pandaria in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Whereas a Horde players, especially a new one might get confused seeing Garrosh in all five major sections of WoW while they level up. In addition, since 75% of the players do not read quest text or follow the story Garrosh’s placement becomes very confusing.

garroshNew Horde players will learn of Garrosh when they enter Orgrimmar. They see that Garrosh is the war chief of the Horde. However, the players who are rolling a Troll or a Forsaken and even a Blood Elf who has moved to Silverpine Forest to level up will know of Garrosh a bit differently. They will see Garrosh treat their faction leader quite badly. In addition, when the players get to Razor Hill, they learn that Vol’Jin and Baine Bloodhoof are planning something against Garrosh.

However, nothing happens and the players move to a new zone. Around level 65, the Horde players will go to Nagrand. Once there, the players will go to the Horde city of Garadar. Garadar is the main Horde city in Nagrand. In Garadar, the players will once again meet Garrosh, but this time he will be without his armor and he will look like a normal Mag’har Orc. Garrosh in Garadar serves as the Mag’har’s military chief alongside other Mag’har Orcs.

Moving on, when the Horde players enter Borean Tundra in Northrend, they start at Warsong Hold. Once again, they will meet Garrosh there as well but this time he will be the Overlord of the Warsong Offensive and the leader of Horde forces in Northrend. At this point, the Horde players can easily think of Garrosh as the true leader of the Horde, since they always see him as the leader.

for the HordeFinally, when the players get level 90, they find out that Garrosh is a villain and the final boss of the raid known as Siege of Orgrimmar; they are bound to get confused. To them, Garrosh has done nothing since they don’t know the back-story. All they know about Garrosh is that he has been leading the Horde forces since they saw him in Nagrand. This all can be confusing to anyone who is new to the lore of World of Warcraft.

Moreover, to make this even more confusing, Garrosh will once again be seen in the next expansion of WoW, Warlords of Draenor. He will be seen as a member of the Iron Horde attacking not only the Alliance but the Horde as well. Garrosh would also return as a boss in some dungeon. There a lots of other locations and quests, that shows Garrosh in different roles, which farther confuse a new player.

Without the background story, seeing Garrosh in almost every major zone of WoW can be confusing. This makes me wonder, did Blizzard plan this to show how Garrosh rose to power and got corrupted by it or may be someone really loves Garrosh and wants to see him everywhere, who knows.


Age of Wushu Review

age of wushu review

Age of Wushu is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG, where you start your journey by choosing a sophisticated fighting style and make your way through a versatile and beautiful PVP Open World of Ancient China. If you love movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero, then you will see a close resemblance to the combat genre when your character leaps from building’s rooftops and display gravity-defying features. In Age of Wushu, you can perform all these sensational and powerful skills by becoming a legendary Wushu master!

age of wushu character creationage of wushu characteraow

The Art Behind the Game

Age of Wushu comes packed with tons of configurable options and small tweaks that make the game look outstanding. Though it does look overwhelming at first, it has video layout presets that set up the most optimal settings for your PC performance. The depth of the options menu goes as far as being able to save your play-through events with the in-game record video feature. Visually the environment and characters look very well done and together with elegant soundtracks it creates an atmosphere deemed of ancient China.

Unfortunately there are some character animation snaps and camera movement issues here and there, but overall this become less notable as you dig deeper into the combat styles and other game mechanics. The UI is rigid and crowded at times, but most of the options can be managed from the game’s menu.

age of wushu review

Wushu Gameplay

You first step is to empathize with one of the 5 character stories (Phoenix Pledge, The Nameless Sword, A Scholar’s Legend, The Tale of Tianshan Swords and Tempest of Strife), which give a personal touch to your backstory and reasons when approaching a new character life. Depending on the selected story, you will have a specified starting town, martial arts school restriction and gender restriction that will allow you to join certain faction depending on your choice.

The character creation tool has few features to work with, but Snail USA Studios made some interesting options that you don’t find in most MMOs. Even though you have presets for face features and hair styles, you can render them in detail with the face-matrix grids in order to tweak all those little details. Another innovating idea is represented by the possibility to choose your starting costume, out of 9 possible options. Last but not least, you can save your face presets on your PC and load them for other characters when you start a new in-game story. Aside from this, you have the usual cosmetic previews for costumes and weapons if you like to see how they fit your character when you become the ultimate Wushu fighter.

Age of Wushu does a great job at keeping track of all your character stat before you even select it to enter the game. This makes browsing through your character sets very easy and informative. You also have the possibility to choose the keyboard configured layout before you start playing which is a nice way of adapting to your play style.

Combat can be complex at times and have various sophisticated combos, but in the end it’s just composed of a rock-paper-scissors type of action. Age of Wushu is very PVP focused and it has all the right reasons to be, since most AI don’t pose much of a challenge to you. The game-play is very counter intuitive, as you have to time your combos for the right moment to strike your opponent, while keeping in mind the cool down effect of your other used skills. This can become quite challenging when two professional players start battling, while getting some very interesting outcomes depending on the techniques they would use. If your character is badly hurt, there are also special spots on the ground where you can meditate to heal faster.

aow review

There isn’t much of a story line and voice acting is absent from NPC dialogs, but quests are very simple and take very little of your time, giving you the possibility to focus on more important things in the game.

As you finish the novice guide (tutorial) at the beginning of your game, you will be assigned a coachman who will guide you to select a martial arts school that fits your desires. You have eight schools to select from, such as Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Beggar’s Sect, Scholars, Tangmen, Royal Guards and Wanderer’s Valley. Schools are defined as being part of a Good, Neutral or Evil faction that impacts your notoriety, but most importantly schools help you train skill sets that are very efficient in combat. As you finish your training in your school you will be sent back to your home town to start your own adventures.

Your character is not level based, but you will “cultivate” experience points that will be used to unlock many of the available martial arts moves. Cultivation can be acquired through multiple tasks, such as PVE, Exploring forbidden areas, PVP, practicing martial arts solo or with a group and even when you are just idling away from your PC. Titles play an important role because they define your strength level and unlock new quests.

Experience can be obtained by doing background quests and with new experience level you will gain a different conversion speed for cultivation points. Potential is another useful method where players can motivate cultivated points through the use of gold coins.

age of wushu combat

Throughout the Age of Wushu you will encounter events where you can spy or patrol for a school, but you must also be free of Novice protection. Each time you complete one of these events you will be rewarded with school honor certificates and experience. There are also random encounters events that trigger through gossip or random item drops, which can spawn a special NPC to give you a rare reward.

Reputation is very important in Age of Wushu since it’s the decisive factor of how you are seen in public. Reputation can only be gained through quests, NPC interaction and various challenges throughout the world. You can lose reputation by doing things your school’s laws don’t approve, or if you take unwise decisions with certain NPCs.

Like in the old Chinese society, all players must earn their coins through their hard work. There are two main ways to do this. One is to kidnap another player (when he is idle) and ask for a ransom within a time limit. People can do this multiple times, but your Reputation could get severely punished if you overdo this activity.

The second and more challenging method is to learn life skills to gather, craft and sell various items, talents and gear at your own shop. There are 17 life skills which include Gathering (Woodcutter, Fisherman, Hunter, Miner, Farmer), Manufacturing (Tailor, Blacksmith, Herbalist, Craftsman, Poison Maker, Chef), Arts (Painter, Musician, Weiqi Player, Calligrapher) and Market (Diviner and Beggar) options. Keep in mind that Gathering category will require you to learn all of its life skills, while the other categories will allow you to train only one specified skill. These skills can be mastered over time and they exhaust your character while you are training them throughout the day, but they are very rewarding and bring much wealth and power to their devoted.


Age of Wushu brings new life among the free-to-play MMORPG community, with traditional martial arts styles and schools specific to ancient China period. The game graphics and soundtracks make up for a very beautiful décor environment, where visual quality and performance is automatically balanced to fit your PC requirements. The rock-paper-scissors type of combat turn PVP events into interesting challenges and makes use of your many learned fighting skills. Schools and reputation system play an important role in the game’s public life and punish you accordingly if you break any of your faction rules. Overall Age of Wushu is a must play for all fans of martial arts that place you in a player-driven world, where you can become the ultimate Wushu master of ancient China.


Top 5 Noble Villains of WoW

warcraft villains

If you look at all the villains of World of Warcraft, you will notice that most of them were trying to do the good thing in a bad way. Some villains in WoW turned bad by someone else, while some are just evil. Most villains in WoW started out as good people but some events changed them. They were trying to save their people, in their own way. However, they took the wrong path and thus ended up becoming villains.

world of warcraft most memorable villains

Illidan Stormrage

Let us start with Illidan Stormrage, the twin brother of Malfurion Stormrage. All Illidan ever wanted was to be appreciated and loved by Tyrande. If we look back at the events of War of the Ancients and Warcraft 3, you will clearly see how much he cares Tyrande. After the events of War of the Ancients, Illidan wanted to bring the Night Elves back to their old glorious status by creating a new Well of Eternity. However, all the other Night Elves, especially his brother and Tyrande were horrified at his actions. Thus, he was sentenced to spend 10,000 years in a lightless prison. Even when Illidan is trying to claim the Skull of Gul’dan, all he wanted to do was save his people by defeating Arthas. Sadly, he was unable to defeating Arthas, so he ran to Outland. Since his people had already disowned him, Illidan become a villain in WoW.

Kael’thas Sunstrider

Kael’thas Sunstrider was once a senior member of Kirin Tor and the Price of Quel’Thalas. After the fall of Quel’Thalas, all Kael’thas wanted was to help his people with their arcane addiction by providing them with a new source of magic. Doing so, he allied himself with Illidan and the Burning Legion, once his people found this out, they branded him a traitor. Therefore, He became an outcast and a villain.

Arthas Menethil

Arthas Menethil was the Crown Price of Lordaeron and a knight of the Silver Hand. Uther trained him as a paladin. Arthas wanted to rid his lands of the Scourge, but he took a darker path by taking up cursed runeblade Frostmourne. After that, he was lead by the voice of Lich King in his head. He ended up killing his own Father as well as his mentor Uther. Finally when Arthas took up the helm of dominator and merged himself with the Lich King, he became one of the most dominant villain of WoW.

Neltharion the Earth-Warder

Neltharion the Earth-Warder, now known as Deathwing the Destroyer was once a Dragon Aspect and the leader of black dragon flight. Thousands of years ago, the Titans gave him dominion over the earth and the places of Azeroth. However, the Old Gods who were imprisoned deep inside Azeroth drove him mad and he turned against the other Aspects. Thus he became Neltharion became Deathwing a villain of WoW.

Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh Hellscream the Son of Grom Hellscream, the former chieftain of the Warsong clan, and the former Warchief of the Horde wanted to see the Horde rise to their former glory he had heard about while growing up. Ever since Thrall invited Garrosh to join the Horde, he has been fighting and leading the Horde troops as seen in Northrend. Later he became the Warchief of the Horde but his hatred for the Alliance and the power of being the Warchief corrupted him as he used the Heart of Y’Shaarj and ruined the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Thus, Garrosh became a villain in WoW.

warcraft villains

There are others noble villains in WoW as well, like Malygos the former Aspect of blue dragon flight who went mad by thinking only dragons are fit to use magic, Sartharion the boss in Obsidian Sanctum is only there to protect the twilight eggs. Even Sargeras, the biggest baddest villain of WoW was once a noble Titan.

If we look at all the main villains of WoW we will see that most of them were good people. Makes you wonder, will Blizzard do the same thing in the next expansion of WoW, will we see another noble character turn into a villain in Warlords of Draenor. Who knows, maybe we see Grom Hellscream turn into a villain in the next expansion of World of Warcraft.


Blade Hunter Review

blade hunter review

Blade Hunter is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, brought to us by Reality Squared, where every hard-core gamer will find that nostalgic moment when they rediscover the old 2D gaming mechanics embodied and envisioned in the form of a true and epic hack-and-slash arcade platform. Get ready to embark on an adventure full of action and combat with a game that makes old-school gaming look cool.

blade hunter review
The looks

The configuration settings in Blade Hunter address a very small array of option that impacts the game. You have control over sound and some small aesthetic features, but unfortunately there is no option for full screen unless you set it up from your browser. You can also setup 2 presets for personalized key controls configuration when it comes to your character’s actions and movement. Visually the game embodies all the characteristics of a beautiful 2D-is game platform where you can move in all directions and planes. Also the pleasant background music and combat sounds make Blade Hunter feel as close to the action as possible.

The user interface is very straight forward, but the only drawback is that sometimes the screen gets over-cluttered when you walk around the spawn location, where there are many other player characters and NPCs together with an abundance of detail from background scenery. Developers have taken this into consideration and have added an extra button near your settings to disable the extra content that is redundant and is there for aesthetic purposes only.

Starting out

Aside from the normal account registration method you can use social media accounts to login as well. You are then prompted to choose a character from the 4 possible classes that will stick with you until the end of the game.

browser mmorpg blade hunter

The main class is the proud Knight elf, who is a master of swords and the ultimate killing machine. The Rogue is a skilled killer that strikes from the shadows of the night. Directly ascended from Thor, the Valkyrie is one of the few remaining illusion warriors that protect the land with her magical powers. And finally we have the Mechanist, who is using the arts of science and machines rather than the raw power of blades and magic.

In the end all 4 classes are very similar in attributes, the only difference stands in the animations and a few dialog lines. Also their main combat weapons, depending on the class you chose, can vary from swords — carried by the Knight, daggers — wielded by Rogue, lance and pistol — bound to the Valkyrie and a large hammer together with a mechanical armor embodied by the Mechanist.

The game tutorial is swift and simple, where you will have to get used to go back to your origins of gaming. The controls mostly interact with your keyboard and less with the mouse, where movement is your basic stuff (WASD) and skill activation is done with the rest of the alphabetical letters (UIOHJKL), when it comes to jumping, attacking and triggering the other 5 special attack combos/abilities (hack-and-slash).

While doing quests or side activities, you will have the possibility to gather various materials that can be used to unlock the three maximum Bladesouls slots, which will greatly improve your attributes when equipped. Also you can spam your basic attacks to make new combos in the air or on the ground, since the action is very fast paced and you have to be on your toes all the time to get those sweet combos right for maximum damage output.

Exploring the world

The main quest story is very generic for a fantasy type MMO, where a great Blade Demon threatened to destroy the world, so everyone put aside their differences and imprisoned him for eternity, since he was too powerful to be destroyed. Unfortunately the Blade Demon still has loyal minions and followers who will try everything to set him free, therefore it is your duty to be a true Blade Hunter and try to defend the world once more.

Navigating the main spawn spots is fairly easy, since most of the actions are using the auto-path system to get you to your objectives. Your journeys will lead you to many beautiful and majestic fairy-tale areas, of the world map, such as Cloudborne Village, Moonspring Valley, Reef Caves, Breezy Plains, Wrath Hammer, Silverwood, Starwoods, Hall of the Guardians, Pantheon, Whitewoods and Volcanic Pools, where each has its own art work done to impregnate the feeling of diversity and polarization between all this mystical lands.

blade hunter combat


In Blade Hunter the enemies are not particularly hard to kill and most have very detailed models and look oversized by nature, perhaps to impose the feeling of fearsome and overpowered battles. Most of the mobs you will encounter will prove little challenge to your sheer power of pure awesomeness together with a chaining reaction of epic combos, making you think if they even have a chance in the first place.

Aside from the main story line, Blade Hunter is also packed with interesting side activities to keep you busy. Excavation is a neat little adventure of your own, that gives you the ability to search for various artifacts belonging to old tribes and civilizations, which are scattered around the world. Excavation becomes available after your reach level 54 in the Quest Plot and rewards you with powerful boost stats.

Sidekicks are awesome and funny looking minions that act as followers and pets in the same time. You can hire a sidekick using Diamonds (obtained with real cash), Stamina or Gold, which are also the in-game currency. They can be used in combat or dungeons and they can also be trained to have a higher Battle Rating.

The game can be played in co-op mode, where you can make lots of friends and then use the hug option, once a day, to earn their respect. Later you can use your friends to form parties or even guilds and go explore the mysterious dungeons of the world, which come in three difficulty-flavored levels (Normal, Hero and Nightmare) and feature both PVP and PVE content.

If you have little time to spare for playing Blade Hunter, then you are in luck since you have the possibility to use time points, which gather over time. Once collected, you will gain a considerable amount of experience to help you keep up the lead.

Good memories

Blade Hunter is a very beautiful and artistic 2D browser-based arcade MMORPG, where fantasy meets the ideal combat system for a game of this stature. The background scenery and majestic music combine into a balanced game that performs formidable on any type of gaming device. The combat system and unique keyboard mapping bring players back to the time of console playing, which fits perfectly with the game style of a modern arcade platform such as Blade Hunter. With plenty of side activities and attractive dungeons, which you can explore together with your friends and sidekicks, Blade Hunter is an exquisite game that needs to be played by all MMORPG fans out there, who have a nostalgic heart for old-school gaming.

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